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Audio by Jodi P. using WellSaid Labs Welcome to the latest chapter in the WellSaid Labs story. Today, we’re beyond excited to pull back the curtain on a transformative update

Audio by Joe F. using WellSaid Labs The State of AI Pronunciation  Among the countless AI-driven innovations, text-to-speech (TTS) technology is a versatile tool that revolutionizes how we interact with

Audio by Antony A. using WellSaid Labs Halloween at WellSaid Labs was nothing short of extraordinary this year, as we hosted a Halloween-themed video contest that brought out the creativity,

Audio by Wade C. using WellSaid Labs It’s an exhilarating time for multimedia creators! WellSaid Labs is excited to announce that our groundbreaking Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology is now available as

Audio by Lulu G. using WellSaid Labs The crisp autumn air is charged with a certain kind of magic that only comes around once a year. As the orange leaves

Audio by Lyric K. using WellSaid Labs We always strive to stay humble at WellSaid Labs, but today we’re going to let ourselves shine just a bit brighter! We’re thrilled

Audio by Paula R. using WellSaid Labs Ever watched a movie without its score? Or imagined a game without its defining sound effects? Audio is an unsung hero, subtly crafting

Audio by Terra G. using WellSaid Labs Remember back in March when we jubilantly announced achieving our SOC2 Type 1 compliance? Well, we’re back, and this time, we’re super thrilled

Audio by Jarvis H. using WellSaid Labs The choices we make in pursuit of new ways of thinking and doing often prompt us to re-evaluate what we already thought we

Friends of WellSaid Labs, our affiliate program, presents tremendous opportunities. Each time someone uses your affiliate link to become a new customer, you earn 30% commission on their first 3 payments.

What does it take to create a high-quality, lifelike voice avatar not only accurately, but ethically? At WellSaid Labs, it takes a whole team. From building relationships with the voice

In a three-part series by NPR’s Planet Money, Kenny Malone and Jeff Guo explored the ability of Artificial Intelligence to produce an entire podcast. They started with scripts from OpenAI’s

WellSaid Labs has a host of incredible collaborators in the generative software space. One such innovator is our long-term partner, Videate, a video production platform for software companies.

Last week, WellSaid Labs team members attended the annual gathering of leaders in AI Voice technology at Project Voice in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

After weeks of documentation, research, and reporting, we are proud to announce that WellSaid Labs is now SOC 2 Type 1 compliant. This means we provide an added level of

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