WellSaid Labs Voice Actor Program

Every story deserves a voice, and that voice could be yours.


Long-term partnerships

We collaborate with you at every step, from deciding on a read style, to naming the Voice Avatar, to planning the Avatar’s style expansions.


Reflection of creators

We actively seek partnerships with voice talent from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and professional journeys.


Leaders in synthetic voice

We take pride in creating the most lifelike AI Voice Avatars on the market, with new Avatars of different styles and accents added regularly. 

Share in WellSaid growth

WellSaid voice actors receive payment for recording their dataset, as well as revenue share. Each time a customer renders content with an actor’s synthetic voice, the actor earns royalties that grow along with WellSaid’s revenue.

Unrestricted voiceover work

Actors take on other projects outside of their work with WellSaid. Our voice actors enjoy the passive income they earn from the voiceover jobs WellSaid finds for their Avatar, while also pursuing their other creative work!

Protected by Terms of Service

WellSaid users must abide by our Terms of Service, which prohibits using WellSaid voices to create pornographic, violent, or hateful content. Users who violate our terms are banned.

Join us!

We would love to hear from you! For more information about becoming a WellSaid Labs’ voice actor, please contact the WellSaid Voice Actor Program team at actors@wellsaidlabs.com