Webinar Replay: Improving Healthcare Information with Voice

Replay of a webinar with XpertPatient

We all know that we retain information better when it is presented in a variety of formats. But, how exactly can voice enhance that experience?

Risa Arin is an expert in customer experience and sits down with us to discuss how she supercharges information retention for cancer patients with WellSaid Voice Avatars.

How can you apply her findings to your content? Watch our replay of this conversation to find out.

What We Discussed

During this far-ranging discussion, Risa and Caroline covered every side of how voice enhances customer and patient experiences.

What Was Lacking in the Patient Experience, and How XpertPatient Did Things Differently

Risa has an extensive background in patient experience and customized medicine from working with marketing teams in the pharmaceutical field. Then, she incorporated this learning into the design of XpertPatient.

How More Immersive Experiences Help Patients Retain Information Better

Not just text, not just diagrams, not just voiceover. Patients retain more information and are more engaged in their treatment when they receive it in a variety of formats. XpertPatient maximizes retention with information for all kinds of learners.

What Healthcare Can Do to Increase Patient Engagement in the Future with Voice

When patients have a new diagnosis, the last thing they need is too much information in the wrong format. Finally, learn how healthcare providers can deliver information better with voice.

About Our Guest

Risa Arin is the founder and CEO of XpertPatient, an unprecedented platform intricately designed to empower those new to a cancer journey to better collaborate with their treatment teams, something proven time and again to deliver better treatment results.

Never before has a site offered a personalized education experience to over 90% of newly diagnosed cancer patients including:

  • Ability to compare FDA-approved treatments by type, stage and status
  • Ai powered audio education and curated videos
  • Easy access to financial support from every major pharmaceutical company.

2 million new cancer diagnosis’ are projected in the US in 2022 alone. Reach out if you are interested in our unique partnership opportunities or if you have an idea that can help empower this community.

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