High quality voiceover for creative teams

Work together to add narration to content, products, and experiences.

Built for collaboration

Bring everyone in your team together to tell a unified story — with one voice or many.
Real time rendering


Cost reduction


Voiceover availability
Cost is measured as the productivity time allocated by internal team members while producing with WellSaid Studio.

Increase productivity

Many creatives can create at the same time, get feedback, make edits, and publish sooner. Store your company’s jargon and terminology in a sharable phonetic library for consistency.

Use stock or custom voices

You can create voiceover with any Voice Avatar in your plan or you create your own. Describe the voice you need and the AI takes care of the rest.

Securely store your content

WellSaid is built on secure systems to protect user privacy. You can store everything, from low to high business impact content, on Studio. Designed to meet your security and compliance requirements.