We believe in Responsible AI.

We are committed to ethical technology development and use.

We put our principles into practice.

We lean on our values and the tenets of Responsible AI to frame the choices we make about the technology we build, use, and share with the world.

Accountability and Fairness

We take responsibility for the impact of our technology and product on our internal and external stakeholders, and for the trust that these stakeholders place in us. We seek to minimize potential harm and offer unbiased treatment and experiences for all users.

Explainability and Transparency

We equip our stakeholders to make informed decisions about their use of and engagement with our product.

Privacy and Security

We design and maintain our systems and practices to ensure stakeholder data remains appropriately locked down and protected from inappropriate access and misuse.

It’s your content

We claim no intellectual property or ownership rights over the material or content our users provide to or on the service. Your content remains yours. WellSaid does not claim any ownership rights to any of it.

High standards for user conduct.

We have zero tolerance for content that is unlawful, hateful, intended to incite violence, pornographic, or that is designed to impersonate another person. Please read the Terms of Service 

No Deepfakes

Every voice you find on our platform is built with the explicit written consent of the voice talent who provide us with their voice data, and who are compensated for this work. We will not clone someone’s voice without their approval.

Questions? Contact ethics@wellsaidlabs.com.