Create voiceover directly from your scripts

Spend less time adding markup and cues to your script. Use plain English to tell the AI what to do.

Reimagine your creative workflow

WellSaid helps you create the perfect voiceover for all kinds of productions.

Built for creatives

You don’t have to use SSML or guess which knobs to move to get the perfect pitch. Just enter your script to get a natural voiceover.

Edits and retakes in real time

Changes happen all the time. Make edits to the copy, change the pausing, or use a different voice without impacting your schedule.

Easy to combine clips

Ready for post? Within WellSaid Studio you can combine final takes before you download the narration for post production.

Find the voice you need

In Studio you can audition different voices based on style, gender, and the type of production you are working on. It’s a matter of minutes to find the best voice to tell your story.

Build a phonetic library

Your company and clients have a unique way of speaking. Get the AI to say your terms your way, save your unique spellings, and Studio will use the right pronunciation every time.

Create alignment

Studio provides you and your team a shared creative environment. With team-wide projects with access to the same information, everyone in the team can work together and lock into the same creative flow.