Your brand, your voice

Create the perfect AI voice avatars exclusively for your brand and content.

Design the perfect voice

Choose a style, pitch, and personality to build a brand-specific AI voice.

Exclusive rights

Protect your brand identity. Only your team can create voiceovers with your WellSaid Avatar.

For creatives and builders

Create voiceover using WellSaid Studio or WellSaid API using your exclusive Avatars.

Create in any language

Build AI voice avatars that speak your audience's language to regionalize content and experiences.

Create AI avatars from real people

With their permission and a few hours of recordings, you can create a WellSaid Avatar from the voice of a real person. You will get guidance on scripting, recording, and audio specs to get the highest quality.

Create any voice imaginable

Build WellSaid Avatars for any type of content. From corporate content to advertising and storytelling, the AI is able to create the perfect match for the style you need.

Make productions easy

WellSaid Avatars are always on, always ready to create voiceovers for you. Make new content, and edit any time you need to, without booking talent and studios.

How Voice Avatars Enhance Your Brand

Voiceovers generated from text by a computer may seem like a futuristic concept, but with the help of AI, it’s already becoming a reality. Long gone are the days when a computer-generated voice sounded like a robo. Based on machine learning, the next generation of text-to-voice avatar tech enables businesses to create a unique and realistic voice that sounds like a human and provides a more efficient way to create a TTS avatar weather that is through a studio or through and TTS API.

Here are a few of the main avatar text-to-speech advantages you can expect:

  • Ease of Production. One of the biggest hurdles when producing audio content is getting the talent to record enough variations of the messages. This is especially true for corporate training departments that need an affordable voice over for eLearning content. Audio production takes time and money, which is why it might be limiting in terms of what types of recordings you can produce. Meanwhile, if you use a voice maker, you can quickly create dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of high-quality MP3 voice over audio recordings that will sound just like a human, customizing the voice according to your needs.

  • Testing Capabilities. Split testing various scenarios is the best way to gain valuable data into what works in marketing and sales for commercial ads. But when it comes to running commercial audio advertisements, you are limited in how you can tweak the message if you use real-person recordings. But with an AI text-to-speech avatar, you can create thousands of version variations for a single ad, run targeted split-testing campaigns with just one word or phrase, or changing the voice style, or changing the voiceover from male to female in order to gain actionable insights about what works best.

  • Consistency. As a brand, you want to be consistent not just in your message but also in the voice of your text-to-speech avatar. Your audiences get used to hearing a particular voice, and a sudden change of character might have a negative impact on performance. By using a text-to-speech avatar online, you can design the perfect voice for your brand and user experience that you can turn to for all your audio communications, ads, and other digital content.

  • Wide Range of Voices. When you use an avatar voice over solution like WellSaid Labs, you get access to a wide range of voice options that you can further update and customize to match your brand. You can also easily split-test different voice options online to instantly create recordings straight from your script and learn which options work best without having to spend time and resources trying out different actors. For example, trying out different voice overs for a documentary narration.

  • You Can Apply It Anywhere. Because text-to-speech avatar software is so accessible, you don’t need to limit yourself in how you use it — simply apply it any way you please. Organizations that want to create one consistent voice across their organizations can work with us to clone their voice in our software and use it as unique voice for their brand. You can start applying voice recordings to all of your audio and video messaging, adding voice to apps and products, and integrating with your internal production tools. Adding an additional element of communication using a text-to-speech avatar can give you a significant edge over the competition and provide you with countless application improvements.