How to Build Emotionally Resonant Videos with AI Voice

Audio by Paula R. using WellSaid Labs

It’s no secret–advances in AI have forever changed content production. In fact, did you know that AI is helping 40% of marketers create more engaging content today? Yet, not all AI is created equal. Factors like ethics, quality, and ease of use are, or should be, paramount for businesses of all sizes. 

WellSaid Labs checks all these boxes. We help in the content creation process by enhancing emotional engagement and providing scalable, personalized audio experiences. And it all starts with a super simple user experience on our platform. 

Now, how much can a blend of emotional resonance, psychological engagement, and human-like parity really impact results? A lot. After all, for marketers, this means quickly producing high-quality content that audiences love. 

Interestingly, the best performing marketing channel in 2024 is video, with 45% of marketers reporting its effectiveness. AI voices are a game-changer for building these specifically–whether it’s a sizzle reel, explainer video, social media clip, you name it. 

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The power of human-sounding voices

Voices that emotionally connect with audiences are invaluable. Marketers recognize just how important emotional resonance in content, especially as it’s increasingly rare. Consider this: The success rate of emotional marketing campaigns stands at 31%. Plus, personalization, made possible by large volumes of content, boosts this further. Research shows that personalization can result in a 10 to 15% increase in revenue, with specific company lifts spanning 5-25%. 

Imagine a Spotify ad where the AI voice adjusts based on musical preferences or CTV ads tailored to local languages without the hassle of hiring multiple voice actors. The magic lies in the emotional inflection of AI voices, enhancing storytelling and thereby engagement. 

Likewise, Harvard Business Review found that when people are emotionally engaged with content, they’re more likely to remember it. Think back to high school: you’re more likely to remember a favorite teacher than a specific earth science fact. That’s the power of emotional connection.

Streamlining workflows with AI voices

Marketing teams thrive on efficiency–it’s their superpower. AI voices streamline workflows by enabling real-time collaboration, offering an easy user experience, and facilitating faster updates and content generation. 

In truth, localization plays a crucial role in any global marketing strategy. For instance, mobile app localization can result in 128% more downloads per country, and 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language.

Yes, Scaling campaigns is a common goal, but bandwidth often poses a challenge, with 62% of marketers citing it as their greatest hurdle. So what are savvy marketers to do? Build more content. And that requires a certain level of sophistication in the solutions being used. 

WellSaid Labs addresses this with AI voices, allowing companies to scale content production swiftly. For instance, the Energy Industry Academy reduced 3.5 hours of work to 1.5 hours with us, a significant time saver.

Additionally, in dynamic marketing environments, rapid content updates can be a make-or-break factor. AI voice technology facilitates quick updates, whether it’s a product feature change, a pivot in messaging, or responding to external factors like relevant industry incidents. WellSaid Labs enables swift updates, as evidenced by Snowflake, who managed rapid updates within a 24-hour timeframe.

Lastly, representing a broad spectrum of voices is foundational to connecting with diverse audiences. WellSaid Labs ensures a variety of voices through our reliance on real voice talent and intentional inclusivity. As Adam Altman, Founder of Recast, noted, “WellSaid Labs was the first time we heard good female voices anywhere. Period.”

Why should marketers care about the diversity of their content talent? Because diverse voices enhance brand connection and foster a more inclusive marketing strategy. Representation also sets an industry standard, ultimately moving the needle at large. 

Conclusion: The future of AI voice technology in marketing videos

Looking ahead, AI voice technology is poised to boost marketing campaigns with more personalization, predictive analytics, AI chatbots, and customer service automations. WellSaid Labs is eager to ride this wave, remaining grounded in ethics and quality.

To recap, AI voice technology is indispensable for modern marketers aiming to create high-quality, engaging video content. Just imagine a future where every piece of content resonates with your audience on a deeply personal, memorable level. 


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