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WellSaid Labs Makes Business Insider’s Most Promising AI Startups!

Audio by Lyric K. using WellSaid Labs

We always strive to stay humble at WellSaid Labs, but today we’re going to let ourselves shine just a bit brighter! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made Business Insider’s list of top AI startups for 2023. 

In a year that McKinsey labeled as Generative AI’s “breakout year”, with numerous AI companies popping up, making this list feels especially important. So, how did we earn this spot and what does being a “promising AI startup” mean to us? 

Let’s explore.

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The criteria for Most Promising AI Startups 

How did we get selected among so many innovators? Business Insider took a unique approach by asking top venture capitalists to spotlight the most promising AI startups of 2023. These VCs also had to name companies to which they had no financial connections. Sharing this honor with other trailblazers in the AI sector truly amplifies our joy. As for why we made the cut, here’s the scoop directly from Business Insider:

When considering recording, voice acting, and post-production costs, both internal and external company presentations can burn a hole in your pocket. Enter WellSaid, an AI solution that drastically reduces time and money typically spent on training presentations, ad campaigns, and more. Yip labels the startup as a “top-performing product” in the industry.

Our take on being a promising AI startup

What makes an AI startup promising? It’s not just one thing; it’s a blend of several:

Problem-solution fit 

The essence of a promising AI startup lies in addressing a real-world problem. It’s not enough to be innovative. The solution should also be practical and superior to existing ones. We’ve worked hard to go beyond the robotic tones of standard text-to-speech, achieving human-like naturalness and boasting an impressive MOS of 4.5/5.

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Having a dream team 

The magic lies in the team behind the product. Our A-team, with their vast expertise and experiences, are our “special sauce”, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation.

Leading product quality 

We’re proud of our cutting-edge AI technologies that are not only advanced but also unique. Our most recent innovation is our latest product version powered by an audio foundational model (AFM)—a first in the industry.

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Regulatory compliance and ethical considerations 

With increasing emphasis on ethical AI, we prioritize transparency, fairness, and privacy. From ensuring voice actors’ consent and royalties to steering clear of deepfakes and meeting compliance standards like SOC2, we’re committed to doing it right.

💡Learn more about our commitment to ethics here. 

Customer feedback

The real test lies in customer satisfaction. The glowing testimonials and feedback we receive are a testament to our product’s value and effectiveness. Just take a gander at what they’re saying about us on G2!


Coming full circle, we couldn’t be more proud of this recognition. Being on Business Insider’s list in such a revolutionary year for Generative AI is a testament to our dedication, innovation, and the immense value we offer. A huge thank you to Business Insider for acknowledging our efforts. 

And to our wonderful audience, keep your eyes peeled. There’s plenty more excitement on the horizon from WellSaid Labs!