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Audio by Jodi P. using WellSaid Labs

Welcome to the latest chapter in the WellSaid Labs story. Today, we’re beyond excited to pull back the curtain on a transformative update that may redefine your audio projects: the Voices Page. 

What’s the voices page, you ask. Essentially, it’s like a gateway to finding the absolute ideal voice for any project. And it’s only a few clicks away.

The Voices Page is meticulously designed to showcase our wide array of exceptional voices. From the melodious tones that capture the essence of a narrative to the compelling cadences that drive action, our voices are here to elevate your projects.

The motivation? It’s simple. We’ve listened to you—our valued users. Whether it’s free trial users seeking the ideal voice to define their brand hunting for that perfect pitch to unify their projects, everyone has craved a smoother, more intuitive journey through our voice offerings. The Voices Page was our answer: a stand-alone marvel in our main navigation that both showcases our voices and makes finding and implementing them faster than ever.

Curious to learn more? Let’s get into it. 

The Voices Page: Key features 

🗣 A world of high-quality AI Voices: Each voice is a story waiting to be told. Explore the breadth of our AI voices, each crafted with precision and designed to cater to a spectrum of projects and preferences.

🎧 Hear the difference: With our improved previews, listening to samples of each voice in their unique styles is as straightforward as it gets. Meaning, it’s easier than ever to get a feel for the voice, understand its nuances, and make an informed choice without guesswork.

⌛ Find your voice, fast: Time is of the essence, and our filters will undoubtedly help you save it. Characteristic, accent, or any other preference—you name it, we filter it. 

💚 Favorites at your fingertips: We know how it feels to find just the right voice you were looking for. Why lose it in the crowd? Add voices to your personal favorites list for easy retrieval. Because great choices deserve to be remembered and accessed without hassle.

A closer look at the Voices Page 

To give you a better understanding of how the Voices Page can transform your workflow, we prepared a video walkthrough. This guide will take you through each feature, showcasing how you can leverage the Voices Page to streamline your search for your voice, making projects more engaging and impactful.

Explore the Voices Page 

Accessing the Voices Page is as easy as logging into your account and navigating to the Voices page in the main menu. Or, simply follow the link below. Our AI Voices are waiting to assist your next project! 

Go to Voices Page here!

Why WellSaid Labs?

As the #1 rated AI voice generator, our commitment extends beyond providing AI Voices. We’re dedicated to building trust through the highest quality voice AI, offering scalable and customizable solutions that meet the dynamic needs of businesses.

By integrating features like SSML for veteran users and continuously refining our voice generation technology, we strive to overcome the complexities of speech nuances—ensuring that our AI voices not only sound natural but also resonate with your specific creative preferences.


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Try WellSaid Studio

Create engaging learning experiences, trainings, and product tours.


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