WellSaid Labs Affiliate Program

Announcement: Our affiliate program is open for business!

In a world that’s spinning faster every day, and our lives becoming more digitally inclined, one practice emerges triumphant–passive income streams. These aren’t the babbling brooks of yore, but rather, mighty rivers that can supplement our earnings and keep us afloat. 

Now, what if we told you that these currents of cash could surge from something as simple as an affiliate program? Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, let’s dive right into the heart of WellSaid Labs’ recently launched affiliate program, Friends of WellSaid Labs. 

How does Friends of WellSaid Labs work?

Friends of WellSaid Labs, our affiliate program, presents tremendous opportunities for the right person. So let’s start with the basics. 

As an affiliate, you receive a unique link. And each time someone uses your link to become a new customer, you earn (an impressive) 30% commission on their first 3 payments. Think of it like planting seeds and passively watching the vegetation grow. 

NOTE: Using your affiliate link in paid advertising of any kind is prohibited and will result in expulsion from the Friends of WellSaid Labs Affiliate Program. Read the Terms of Service here.

How exactly are these referrals tracked? Let’s say you share your WellSaid Labs affiliate link with a colleague and that person eventually signs up for a paid account. We’ve incorporated cookies to track this user for 60 days. This means even if your referral returns and makes a purchase on the 59th day, that action gets tracked. To ensure that these sales are attributed correctly, Rewardful collaborates with Stripe, our payment provider.

It’s crucial to understand the timeline here. After your referral makes a purchase, they need to complete a payment cycle for you to earn a commission. If for some reason, they aren’t satisfied and we process a refund, the commission becomes void. It’s a two-way street—we lose a customer, and you (the affiliate) forfeit the corresponding commission.

Once you’ve successfully referred a customer and they’ve been active for 30 days, our admin dashboard, courtesy of Rewardful, will show that the commission is no longer pending and is ready to be disbursed. We have a habit of processing these payments either at the beginning or end of the month, which, if you’ve had experience with major travel affiliate programs, you’d find is a standard practice.

Now, what about the payment breakdown? For monthly subscribers to WellSaid Labs Studio, if you refer a “Maker” customer within 120 days you can earn $45, for a monthly “Creator” it’s $89, and for a “Teams” account it’s $179.

An exciting note to consider is the potential with annual subscribers. Those who opt for an upfront annual payment and complete a 30-day cycle can bring you even higher commissions. To illustrate, some affiliates last month saw their referrals opt for an annual subscription, which meant a $150 commission for them within just 30 days. In essence, annual subscribers equate to higher commissions for you!

To get started on earning, all you need is a PayPal address–about as straightforward as it gets! If any questions pop up, you can drop a line to our affiliate manager at jeff@wellsaidlabs.com.

Follow this link to sign up for Friends of WellSaid Labs now. 

What is an affiliate program? Why do companies have them? 

Scratching your head, wondering what this affiliate program lark is all about? Well, let’s set the record straight. An affiliate program is a win-win situation where you help a company grow its customer base by referring new customers. In return, the company shares a piece of its profit with you. It’s a symbiotic relationship, an agreement built on mutual growth.

Companies adopt affiliate programs for a very simple reason—word-of-mouth advertising is invaluable. A recommendation from you, someone trusted by your peers, carries far more weight than any social media ad or TV commercial. Affiliate programs are a way of rewarding this trust-building and relationship-forging effort.

Get started 

The map’s been charted and you have a compass at your fingertips. Now, you’re ready to set sail on Friends of WellSaid Labs. And remember, it’s not just a quick grab for cash–it’s a chance to participate in a dynamic, inventive, and growing community. It’s time to let Friends of WellSaid Labs steer you towards reaching your goals! 

Get started with WellSaid Labs’ affiliate program here.