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Audio by Vanessa N. using WellSaid Labs In this era of relentless digital innovation, we’re no longer just spectators but participants in an AI-generated world where our own voices and

Audio by Cameron S. using WellSaid Labs Ever notice how everyone claims they “have a face for radio”? That cheeky quip hints at the magic of radio: its power to

Audio by Lulu G. using WellSaid Labs The crisp autumn air is charged with a certain kind of magic that only comes around once a year. As the orange leaves

Audio by Ben D. using WellSaid Labs Dive into an extract from our white paper, Make Generative AI Work For You, Using Digital Scalable Voice. Here, we explore the intricate

Audio by Diarmid C. using WellSaid Labs Not too long ago, the heartbeats of marketing were the rhythmic hum of printing presses and the familiar jingles on radio broadcasts. Fast

Audio by Marcus G. using WellSaid Labs Step into the realm of wonders where voices come alive, shaping stories with wit, intelligence, and an enchanting touch. We call it TTS. 

Audio by Chase J. using WellSaid Labs If the mere mention of “sonic identity” leaves you breaking into a cold sweat or scratching your head in bemusement, you’re not alone.

On a rainy day in 1950, Alan Turing, the godfather of modern computing, served the world a piping hot plate of intellectual intrigue: a test designed to decipher if a

Just as you wouldn’t send a clown to negotiate a business deal or deploy a ballerina to fix a leaky faucet, the world of video production requires the right talent

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More and more, the tech community is talking about Generative AI. But what is the business case for it, specifically for Generative AI Voice? And what is the best way

Digital audio advertising is a powerful medium that connects with audiences. Discover how it can enhance your business plus audio ad trends.
Custom ai voices are an effective and efficient way to create a brand voice over.

According to Statista, advertisers spent more than $3 billion on digital audio advertising in the U.S. in 2020. That’s a number that’s been consistently on the rise for the past

According to Podcast Insights, as of April 2021, there are currently more than 2 million podcasts and 48 million episodes available for listening. Whereas podcasts used to be a niche

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