The Benefits of Custom AI Voice for Today’s Top Brands

Custom ai voices are an effective and efficient way to create a brand voice over.
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Could custom AI voice be a solution for the branding challenge? Brands are battling to connect with consumers more than ever before. With so much competition and saturation across advertising campaigns, social media, web content, and more, companies need a recognizable voice. The term brand voice refers to the tone and personality of a company’s communication and marketing. Since brands benefit from name recognition and awareness, it’s essential to be clear and consistent across every channel. 

This is where custom AI voices come in. With state-of-the-art technology, brands can create a unique synthetic voice or replicate a specific voice through artificial intelligence. With a customizable voice, businesses are able to unify their messaging across all platforms. Furthermore, it’s without having to record thousands of lines (or more) with voice over performers.

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Especially online, your voice is the heart of your company. Why use a customer voice over? Keep reading for a breakdown of custom AI voice overs. We will also cover the benefits for brands, and how to create your own customer voice over with ease.

Why use a custom voice over?

Historically, brand voice referred to the general tone and style of marketing and customer service content. But now, brand voice can literally be programmed into a realistic and customizable voice through the power of AI.

AI voices offer many benefits to brands. The technology encourages consistency. How? With the same voice recognizable across ads, voice assistants, video narrations, instant translations, training content, and more. Instead of relying on a single voice over artist, companies are free to edit, and create content quickly. It’s so easy, with custom voice overs. 

If a company’s founder is chosen to be the voice behind the brand, thousands of permutations of his or her voice can be rendered across various brand materials, without the individual needing to painstakingly record each iteration. Custom AI voices empower companies to make their brand voice a reality, iterate quickly, and save a fortune doing so.

Brands could, of course, use premade artificial voices. But this approach—speaking through cookie-cutter voices available to everyone—misses the mark when it comes to building a distinctive and recognizable brand voice. By creating a custom voice over, or basing it off an important figure within the company, you set your brand up for success.

What are the ethics of AI voices?

It is important, especially before associating your company with a certain voice, to make sure everything is done properly. If someone’s voice is being recreated via AI, their consent should be given. Being transparent is vital. If an artist’s voice will become integrated into online campaigns and services, with years of possible use, that must be clear and taken into account. 

Custom AI voices could be interacting with millions of people or voicing huge marketing pushes. Because of this, each step in the process should be done as ethically as possible, securing permission and credit where due. At WellSaid Labs, we only recommend using a voice if explicit permission has been given to do so, or creating one of our custom AI voice overs from scratch.

How custom AI voice is created

Speaking of, let’s take a look at how these custom AI voice overs are created.

First, consider which type of voice suits your brand based on your tone and target audience. Is your brand smart and sophisticated? Calm and collected? Warm and welcoming? Or some other variation altogether? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all custom voice over. One of the benefits of custom AI voice overs is that the voices can sound so different from each other, varying gender, age, location, pace, and tone. All that matters is that you choose the voice that reflects your company. Check out some WellSaid Labs AI Voice Avatars for inspiration.

Then, prepare your script. Using an AI voice over software like WellSaid Labs, you can input your script and then render your voice over in minutes. When you play back your voice over, you can edit accordingly, easily adding in extra pauses or emphasis where desired. 

The more you use your Voice Avatar, the more it learns the way you like to pronounce certain acronyms or phrases, remembering them for future to save you further time and energy. Instead of booking hours at a recording studio, hiring actors, and locking in complex contracts, you can simply upload new scripts to your web platform and render a new voice over instantly, any time.

Custom voice overs in action

By creating custom brand voices with advanced AI software, companies can unify their messaging efficiently and cost-effectively. These synthetic voices offer longevity, adaptability, and consistency, giving companies a leg up when it comes to building brand awareness and trust through a voice that sounds distinctively like their own.


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