AI voice in marketing

The Resonance of AI Voice in Today’s Marketing Universe

Audio by Diarmid C. using WellSaid Labs

Not too long ago, the heartbeats of marketing were the rhythmic hum of printing presses and the familiar jingles on radio broadcasts. Fast forward to today, and we’re practically living in a sci-fi universe, at least by our ancestor’s standards, with innovations transforming marketing in incredible ways. 

Now, marketers have an expansive digital cosmos to play in, with mediums as varied as the stars in the sky. And guess what’s beginning to rocket its way into this galaxy? AI voice! 

While it’s still a fledgling entrant, it’s got marketing mavericks buzzing. Why, you ask? Well, imagine slashing production times and dialing up personalization to 11. Essentially, if your campaign has a pulse of audio, AI voice can supercharge it, making it stellar in quality and a breeze to create.

Feeling a bit lost in this brave new world? No sweat! Remember, it’s uncharted territory for most of us. But fear not, intrepid marketer. WellSaid Labs, the maestros of AI voice, will break it down! 🚀

Why use AI voice in marketing?

Ever noticed how the sound of a voice can draw you in, making interactions feel genuine and personal? Well, in this digital age where almost everything is a click or swipe away, those unique voice moments are golden. 

Why? Because the more you can make your brand’s digital interactions feel personal, the more love your brand garners. Just take a look at these numbers: 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And, a whopping 76% get frustrated when it doesn’t happen.

Enter AI voice. And it’s less about sounding good and more about sounding right. After all, we live in a world where the majority of sales interactions now take place online. There’s no friendly store clerk to greet you or a barista who knows your daily order. 

So, how can brands build that connection? By being approachable and radiating warmth—digitally. While human voiceovers might sometimes miss the mark, top-tier text-to-speech (TTS) platforms serve up the friendliest, most approachable voices. Voices that magnetically pull customers in. Turn that text into lively, upbeat speech—and voila! You’ve got an ad or online experience that beckons. The kind where potential buyers think, “Hey, this brand gets me!” 

With AI voiceovers, you’re in the driver’s seat. If your audience vibes with a chill, informal voice, you can tweak your brand’s voice to match. 

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Trust—it’s the cornerstone of any solid brand-consumer relationship. And nothing shatters trust faster than miscommunication. Excellent AI voiceovers go the extra step, moving beyond chatting to communicating. They’re clear, precise, and always on point, ensuring your message hits home every time.

Here’s the cherry on top: they’re both time and cost-efficient. No retakes, no studio rent, no pricey equipment. With AI voiceovers, you select your brand’s voice avatar, upload your script, and you’re good to go—all in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

The timeless charms of advertising 

You know how some things are just timeless? Think classic cars, little black dresses, and yes—advertisements. There’s an enduring magic to a well-crafted ad, and get this: according to GWI, 49% of internet users say they are likely to purchase from brands they see advertised. That’s nearly half of all internet users! But while the essence of a good ad remains unchanged, the tools to make it even more captivating have seen quite the upgrade.

Here’s where AI voice–the unsung hero behind today’s coolest ad innovations–really shines. Imagine being able to woo audiences from Tokyo to Toronto, all with a single ad campaign. Sound dreamy? With AI voice tech, it’s dreamy and doable. More so, it can generate human-like speech in multiple languages. That means no more hustling to find a voice actor for every single language. Whether you’re launching a podcast ad in Portuguese or a TV spot in Thai, one AI, countless voices. Talk about efficiency!

Likewise, real-time broadcast commentary and promos for live sports can now be multilingual. Imagine the possibilities with the ability to offer content in numerous languages to a global audience, and all without multiplying commentators and production crews. It’s like having a whole linguistic league in your back pocket.

Now, let’s chat about the booming world of audio platforms. Podcasts, audio-streaming video services—they’re all the rage, and for good reason. But how do you ensure your ad stands out in this sonic sea? Easy. With an AI voice generator capable of emoting. These nifty tools capture human inflection, emotion, and can be tweaked to resonate with specific audience tastes. The outcome? Video and audio advertisement that resonate. 

So, while the allure of traditional advertising is undeniably timeless, it’s safe to say that with a dash of AI magic, its future has never looked (or sounded) brighter.

When voiceovers meet AI

Let’s chat about voiceovers, shall we? Not just any voiceovers, but those nifty AI-generated ones that are turning heads (or should we say, ears) in the marketing world. If you’re on the fence about embracing the AI voiceover wave, allow us to give you three irresistible reasons to dive right in.

Consistency is key

Ever tried playing “spot the difference” across different marketing campaigns? Consumers hate it too. With AI voiceovers, you can strike the same engaging tone, whether it’s in a TV commercial, a catchy social media clip, or the landing page of your website. Let’s face it, consistent branding is critical to boosting brand recognition. And nothing does it better than a consistent voice. 

Human voiceovers, delightful as they may be, can sometimes hit an off-note or, worse, leave you high and dry right when that big campaign’s about to roll. Plus, using a medley of voiceover talents might just leave your audience playing a game of “who’s speaking now?” instead. With AI, the tone remains uniform, making your brand instantly recognizable.

Social media’s new BFF

In our hyper-connected age, where every scroll, click, and double-tap matters, social media is the bridge connecting brands to potential consumers. 

Enter AI. It’s not just generating voiceovers but also crafting interactive content that packs a punch on social platforms. From snazzy explainer videos to fun, engaging posts, the versatility of AI ensures your brand stands out. The goal? More than just views or likes. It’s about forging memorable connections.

Demo videos done right

If you’ve ever sighed through a lackluster product demo video, you know the importance of crisp, clear narration. AI voice generators bring unparalleled levels of clarity and professionalism to the table. Picture this: a demo video explaining your product’s USPs, consistent in tone, clear in delivery, and guess what? Easily scalable to multiple languages. No more scouting for multilingual voice actors or battling language barriers. With AI, you’re delivering a global pitch that’s bound to resonate.

Access all areas 

Let’s talk about accessibility. It’s bigger than a buzzword, it’s a necessity. And, as the digital world becomes more intertwined with our daily lives, ensuring everyone can tap into its wonders is paramount.

Hold onto your hats, because this next stat is a biggie–59.6% of the U.S. population with disabilities are living in a household with internet access. That’s a massive segment of society hungry for content. Fortunately, we’ve got the tools to feed that hunger.

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Take the world of streaming. Suddenly, we’re all critics of foreign films and binge-watchers of international shows. Thanks to streaming platforms, borders have dissolved, at least virtually. But with this global audience comes the challenge of accessibility. 

How does one ensure that the hottest English show or the most riveting foreign film is enjoyed by all, irrespective of hearing or visual challenges? 🙋AI voice, of course. 

Imagine effortlessly providing scene narration audio descriptions (AD) that matches the quality of the original content. Whether it’s the suspense of a thriller or the romance of a drama, AI voice makes sure the essence is never lost. 

A shining example? Silver Trak Digital, a bigwig in the APAC media landscape. They teamed up with Veritone and OONA, and voila! Synthesized voice AD was sprinkled across their content. The result? A richer, more inclusive viewing experience for those with hearing or visual impairments. 

But let’s not stop there. The event marketing realm is buzzing with possibilities too. For instance, an AI voice can spin magic as it creates promo materials for a trade show. Or, it can dish out instructions at a webinar. And once the event’s curtains come down? It’s still in action, enhancing post-event content.

In essence, as marketers, we’ve got a powerful tool in AI voice. Sure, we’d all like to reach wider audiences but it’s about more than that. It’s about making sure everyone, and we mean everyone, gets a front-row seat to the digital spectacle.

Fine tuning your brand’s sonic signature 

Ever stopped to think about what your brand sounds like? If a color can ramp up brand recognition by an impressive 80%, imagine what a well-crafted sound can do.

Welcome to the world of sonic branding. No, it’s not the next chart-topping pop album, but it’s just as catchy! Think of sonic identity as your brand’s personal playlist. While your logo captures eyes, your brand’s “audible DNA” captures ears, dancing from memorable jingles and dynamic sound effects to the all-important voiceover, all choreographed to strike an emotional chord with listeners.

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Creating a legendary brand isn’t just about visuals. It’s an ensemble of consistency, uniqueness, and SOUND. With its ability to craft a distinctive voice for your business, AI voices are taking the spotlight–amplifying recognition and recall. As this consistent, unique voice reverberates across every touchpoint, your audience grows familiar with it. Over time, it becomes a familiar tune they associate solely with your brand, building both awareness and a loyal fanbase.

When your support team needs some support

Let’s be real. Even your rockstar support team needs a backup singer from time to time.

Consider the modern expectations for support: 82% of consumers expect an immediate response on sales and marketing questions. I mean, who can blame them? We’re living in a world of now-now-now. But for your dedicated team, glued to phones and endlessly volleying emails, this instant gratification can be downright exhausting. And during a marketing blitz? You might as well bring in the cots for a round-the-clock campaign campout.

That’s where AI voice can save the day. These savvy sound bytes can be crafted to offer instant, personalized responses. A customer with a burning question post-midnight? They get answers without waiting for the morning light.

So instead of drumming their fingers waiting for feedback, they get swift insights from AI voice responses. This not only amplifies their experience but also turns those almost purchases into definite checkouts.

Concluding thoughts on AI voice in marketing 

Nowadays, marketers are feeling one thing–we’re living in a new era of technology-driven marketing. This article soared through the numerous benefits of AI voices, from pitch-perfect personalization to incredibly streamlined processes, exploring the boundless applications of AI voices. And as we peer into the future, the horizon gleams with promise. With more advances in digital interactions, we’re only scratching the surface of where AI voices will take us.

So, as you ponder the vast potential of this brave new world, here’s a thought to leave you with: In a universe constantly in flux, will your brand’s voice be the constant that guides your audience home?

We say yes. But let’s find out together. 🌌🎙️