Tech-or-Treat: Spiriting up stories with our content creation contest!

WellSaid Labs Halloween video contest

Audio by Lulu G. using WellSaid Labs

The crisp autumn air is charged with a certain kind of magic that only comes around once a year. As the orange leaves pave the way for pumpkins, monsters, and candy-crazed little witches and wizards, WellSaid Labs is thrilled to introduce an electrifying challenge to this year’s Halloween festivities: the Halloween-themed video contest!

Intrigued? Read on (if you dare). 👻

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AI meets spook-tacular creativity

WellSaid Labs, a pioneer in AI voice technology, is handing the creative wand to its community. The quest? Weave a captivating Halloween tale in a 2-5 minute video exclusively using the eerily realistic WellSaid Labs AI voices. But this contest isn’t just about winning. It’s about realizing the power of technology, understanding the expanses of our creativity, and demonstrating how AI can make magic palpable.

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Dare to dive into the cauldron of creativity?

Embracing the spirit of this spook-tacular season, here’s what you need to conjure up.

Craft your tale: Dive into the eerie world of Halloween, be it a tale of candy conquests, monstrous encounters, or costume parades. Just ensure it’s a unique creation.

Voiceover magic: Our AI voices are waiting in the wings. They’ll be the voices behind your characters, setting the tone and ambience for your story.

Platform potions: Once your masterpiece is ready, share it on TikTok, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), or Instagram. Remember to sprinkle the potion correctly by tagging the official WellSaid Labs account and using the hashtag #WellSaidChallenge.

The treasures awaiting you

Our prize cauldron is bubbling with rewards! The most enchanting tales stand a chance to win the following. 

  • 1st Prize: $2,500
  • 2nd Prize: $1,500
  • 3rd Prize: $1,000

But the thrills don’t stop there. There are special categories for honorable mentions, including Scariest Narration, Funniest Haunt, Most Intriguing Storyline, Best Sound Design, and Throwback Thrills

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Key dates to bewitch your calendar

Submission period: The gates to the contest open on September 27 and will eerily shut on October 20.

Evaluation period: From October 20-30, our team of wizards will be evaluating your submissions.

Winner announcement: And on Halloween, October 31, we will announce the magicians who have truly enchanted us.

Amplify your magic with WellSaid Labs

Join our thriving community of magic-makers. Get inspired by the top submissions and let them set the bar for Halloween creativity. If your video makes it to the top 10, it will be featured across our social channels, enchanting audiences far and wide.

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So, ready to embark on this magical journey? Let the spook-tacular creations commence! 🎃🔮👻


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