WellSaid Labs Halloween video contest

Tech-or-Treat: Spiriting up stories with our content creation contest!

Audio by Lulu G. using WellSaid Labs

The crisp autumn air is charged with a certain kind of magic that only comes around once a year. As the orange leaves pave the way for pumpkins, monsters, and candy-crazed little witches and wizards, WellSaid Labs is thrilled to introduce an electrifying challenge to this year’s Halloween festivities: the Halloween-themed video contest!

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WellSaid Labs - Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling: How to Use Story to Inspire Action

Simon Sinek rocked the world of storytelling with his famous ‘start with why’ Ted Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. Then, Nancy Duarte famously identified a structure that all great stories follow in her presentation, “The Secret Structure of Great Talks”. Steve Jobs inspired us to feel markedly inspired when he spoke, even by an inanimate object like a cell phone.

What is it about stories that people love so much? How do they inspire people to take action, make a change, or make a purchase? Why have they been passed down among civilizations since the dawn of time, shared over fireside chats, dinner conversations, rap songs, novels, and cinemas? In this article, we investigate why storytelling is so important, what makes a good story, and how creatives should think about storytelling when creating content.

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WellSaid Labs - Podcasts characters

6 Supporting Roles AI Can Play in Your Podcast

I’m the last to jump on any bandwagons. I resisted Harry Potter until well after all the movies came out. Only when a close friend finally wore me down, I read them… and reread them…  and immediately tried to get everyone I knew to read them because, yes, they’re that good. 

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