Webinar Replay: The Voice of Generative AI, WellSaid API

Replay of The Voice of Generative AI: WellSaid API webinar

More and more, the tech community is talking about Generative AI. But what is the business case for it, specifically for Generative AI Voice? And what is the best way to scale this technology for all kinds of apps and products? We hosted a conversation with our Chief Revenue Officer and top API engineer to discuss the potential of WellSaid API.

Watch the Entire Session

Here is the replay recording, with Martín Ramírez, WellSaid CRO, and Neil Harlow, a WellSaid full-stack engineer who is an expert on the WellSaid API.

We ended the session with a live Q&A session. If you have more questions about WellSaid API, you can email us at any time or book a chat with one of our experts.

About the WellSaid API Session

Before conducting a live demo of the API, we also talked through the applications of Generative Voice. Martin discussed the relationship of sonic branding and visual branding. He then connected these principles to the potential of AI Voice.

Topics covered:


      1. How Top Brands Use Text-to-Speech API – Get the most value from Generative AI with voice. Learn how product innovators use WellSaid API to create immersive and engaging experiences. Additionally, we will explore the ethics of AI Voice and how WellSaid approaches API use.

      1. How to Get Started with WellSaid API – Learn how to build an app in minutes to explore and test WellSaid API. We will use the WellSaid API REACT sample app, show you how to get a test key, and let the WellSaid AI do the talking.

      1. Live Demo of WellSaid API Integration – Watch live as we create an app with WellSaid API, demonstrating the ease of setup, the quality of the voices, and the implications for possible use cases. We then fielded questions in a live Q&A with Neil Harlow and Martin Ramirez.

    Curious about how good AI Voice at WellSaid is? Start a free trial and play around!


    How to Learn More

    The use cases for a high-quality, scalable AI voice, accessible by a simple API are almost innumerable. From customer service platforms to mobile apps, companies are just starting to realize the potential. To explore how top brands are already using Generative Voice, check out our API use case ebook.

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