New Avatar Release with More Accents, Improved U.S. Representation

11 new voice avatars now in WellSaid Studio

What does it take to create a high-quality, lifelike voice avatar not only accurately, but ethically? At WellSaid Labs, it takes a whole team.

From building relationships with the voice actors who help create our avatars to training their recording data with our proprietary voice model, to pushing the new avatars into Studio, the whole team gets excited about releasing new voices.

Now in WellSaid Studio, there are more accents, styles, sounds, and possibilities than ever. With our recent release of 10 new English Voice Avatars, there is truly a voice for any audience. We think you’ll be delighted by the representation and diversity in this release.

As of this release, the new voices are available in our free trial, Creative, Team, Enterprise, and API accounts.

Let’s hear the new voices!

More International English Voice Avatars

We strive to provide as many different representations of English speakers around the world as possible. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce these new Avatars. They represent our efforts and commitment to increasing our representation of voices, including new voices from South Africa and the UK (England).

Issa B: South African Accent in Narration Style

Issa is our first female South African accent, joining another South African Avatar, Ben. Her voice is very calm and inviting. Some even describe her as “professorial.” What do you think?

Ali P: Australian Accent in Narration Style

This voice avatar is crisp and lively, with tons of charisma. Ali would be great for any material that you want to convey with energy and confidence.

Aaron G: Australian Accent in Narration Style

Aaron has a deep, resonant voice that can read a serious script or something drily funny equally well. His Narration Style is versatile and enjoyable to listen to.

Oliver S: UK (English) Accent in Narration Style

Our first more mature sounding British voice, Oliver instills trust with his warm and authoritative delivery. Try Oliver for literary or storytelling scripts for added depth.

New, More Representative North American Accents

In addition to adding more UK and South African accents, we are also working to constantly diversify our offering of North American accents. Check out the new accents, textures, ages, and voice profiles available now. You’ll find that they represent more listeners than ever.

Lorenzo: Mexican Accent in Narration Style

As our first male Mexican accent, Lorenzo joins Paula and Hannah as an incredibly realistic option for ESL accents. His deep, smooth tones are enjoyable to listen to for long narrations.

Se’von M: U.S. Accent in Narration Style

Se’von is an excellent option for a voice that will resonate with audiences for anything from casual messaging to training voiceover.

Abbi D: Texas Accent in Narration Style

Abbi is our first Texas accent. Her tones are approachable and friendly, which makes her avatar helpful for explaining complex concepts or for a more lighthearted message.

Lulu G: U.S. Accent in Narration Style

With a youthful quality to his voice, Lulu’s Narration style is engaging and fun to listen to. He would be a great choice for marketing content and video voice over.

Jimmy J: Southeast U.S. Accent in Narration Style

The distinctive Southeastern accent of Jimmy joins Donna as an option for audiences who resonate with this regional sound. His voice is sincere and kind, with a straightforward delivery.

Jay S: U.S. Accent in Narration Style

If you need a straightforward, informative voice, Jay is a great choice. His resonant and smooth sound conveys trust and confidence, while being enjoyable to listen to.

Listening to Our “Listeners”

With every voice avatar, our team works to make voices worth listening to. That means we take into account the feedback from customers, who are the ones listening to our voices and producing content for other listeners. 

We look forward to adding more accents, more languages, and more options for any voice content need with each new release. Keep creating!

Have feedback about what avatars we should add next? Message us at


Try WellSaid Studio

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Create engaging learning experiences, trainings, and product tours.


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