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Audio by Antony A. using WellSaid Labs

Halloween at WellSaid Labs was nothing short of extraordinary this year, as we hosted a Halloween-themed video contest that brought out the creativity, innovation, and storytelling prowess of our talented community. With 46 outstanding entries, each bringing a unique Halloween flavor to the table, we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and effort put forth by all participants. 

So, first and foremost, a HUGE kudos to everyone who participated! 👻🎃

Creativity with WellSaid Labs AI voices

Our objective for the contest was clear: celebrate creativity and encourage participants to produce captivating 2-5 minute videos using the versatile and dynamic WellSaid Labs AI voices. Contestants eagerly took on the challenge, flooding social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and X (previously Twitter( with their creations, all proudly sporting the hashtag #WellSaidChallenge.

The task of narrowing down the finalists was monumental. Each entry was a unique gem, and our marketing team diligently considered storytelling, visual quality, originality, effective use of AI, Halloween theme relevancy, and brand alignment to ethical standards and high-quality production in our evaluations.

Prizes and Acclaim: Celebrating the winners

🏆 1st Place: Compliance Hell by Jennie Adams

Jennie Adams, Senior Instructional Designer/ Independent Contractor for ABC Consultations, stole the show with her hilarious take on the never-ending, horrifying loop of compliance training. In “Compliance Hell,” workers are entrapped in a curse of compliance, haunted by rules and regulations. But what happens when the loop traps you for too long? With background audio and animation created in Vyond, Jennie’s entry ranked exceptionally across all categories, resonating with many WellSaid Labs users and leaving us in stitches.

🏅 2nd Place: Ninja Dad by Samuel Apata

Samuel Apata, a Senior E-Learning Developer at Starbucks, touched our hearts with “Ninja Dad.” This heartwarming tale follows Georgina, a spirited girl facing bullies at school, and her dad, who transforms into “Ninja Dad” to encourage her to stand her ground. The story culminates in an unforgettable Halloween celebration, earning high marks for its visuals, storyline, and warm message.

🎖️ 3rd Place: Candy Lady by Naldo Osric Davenport

“Candy Lady”, by Film Director Naldo Osric Davenport, presented a spooky twist on trick-or-treating, as a child encounters an ominous “candy lady” harboring dark secrets. Between the candies, house decorations, and neighborhood ambiance, this entry superbly captured the Halloween spirit, impressing us with standout visuals, storyline, and originality.

Honoring special category winners

👻 Scariest Narration: WORK, TV, SLEEP by Michael Merlino

“WORK, TV, SLEEP”, by Filmmaker / Film Director Michael Melino, brought us a man haunted by life’s monotony, with an eerie twist involving aliens. The visual and auditory blending of AI tools set this entry apart, creating a chilling callback to the Twilight Zone.

🧐 Most Intriguing Storyline: Halloween Nightmare by Neil Hermann

Cinematographer/ Line Producer for TV Ads and Still Producer Neil Hermann crafted a suspenseful tale in “Halloween Nightmare,” where Richard and Rita’s search for Halloween props in a spooky warehouse takes a terrifying turn. This entry impressed us with its realistic dialogue, suspenseful build up, and aptitude for visual storytelling.

😂 Funniest Haunt: A Tale of The Uncanny by Kathryn Carroll

Kathryn Carroll, an Associate Integrated Producer at Area 23, delivered dark humor and sarcasm in spades with “A Tale of The Uncanny.” This hilarious short film follows an NYC woman navigating life’s challenges without her head, providing a unique and highly original storyline that had us laughing and applauding her creativity.

🔪 Throwback Thrills: Prayers, Phantoms, Protection (Halloween Special) by Sheiryl Vallecera

Sheiryl Vallecera, a voice-over artist and content writer/virtual assistant on a media team, transported us back in time with a chilling tale set in the Grand Harrow Hotel. “Prayers, Phantoms, Protection” felt like a classic slasher movie. It captivated us with its unique visuals and clever storyline.

🔊 Best Sound Design: Sam and Ricky Take on Blackwood Manor by Megan Teis

Megan Teis, Director of Course Development at Home Care Pulse, crafted a haunted house adventure with “Sam and Ricky Take on Blackwood Manor.” This entry excelled in creating a spooky ambiance, blending impressive visuals with top-notch sound design, akin to a Halloween special from a TV show.

A celebration of creativity to remember

As we wrap up this year’s Halloween festivities, we extend our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to every participant who made this contest a phenomenal success. Your impressive storytelling and use of WellSaid Labs AI voices have left an indelible mark on our community, and we are already buzzing with excitement for what the next challenge will bring. 

Here’s to creativity, innovation, and the spooky spirit of Halloween at WellSaid Labs! 👏🥳

P.S. Check out all the incredible anytime by searching #WellSaidChallenge on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and X.


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