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Audio by Jordan T. using WellSaid Labs Face it, the world of voice assistants is the inverse of an action movie—predominantly female. From Amazon’s Alexa to Google’s Assistant, these digital

Audio by Antony A. using WellSaid Labs Halloween at WellSaid Labs was nothing short of extraordinary this year, as we hosted a Halloween-themed video contest that brought out the creativity,

Audio by Alan T. using WellSaid Labs Who remembers Moviefone? 🙋Ah, the dial-up wizard of the cinema world. Interestingly, it used one of the tech world’s darling of the decade,

Audio by Ben D. using WellSaid Labs Dive into an extract from our white paper, Make Generative AI Work For You, Using Digital Scalable Voice. Here, we explore the intricate

Audio by Gia V. using WellSaid Labs The world of audio content creation is on the brink of a powerful metamorphosis. And it’s starting now.  After all, while visual content

On a rainy day in 1950, Alan Turing, the godfather of modern computing, served the world a piping hot plate of intellectual intrigue: a test designed to decipher if a

Just as you wouldn’t send a clown to negotiate a business deal or deploy a ballerina to fix a leaky faucet, the world of video production requires the right talent

WellSaid Labs has a host of incredible collaborators in the generative software space. One such innovator is our long-term partner, Videate, a video production platform for software companies.

Voiceover post-production encompasses lots of steps and knowledge. Learn the basics in our comprehensive guide!
Learn the basics of a great voiceover script with the best practices (and examples!) laid out in this article.
Meet the new voice avatars at WellSaid Labs and listen to TTS samples in this post.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but what’s worth more than a gallery of pictures? Sweeping real estate videos are!

When you have a solid voice recording, adding the right background music lets you set the emotional tone. Select the right sound track, and your production suddenly takes on a

What do you want?MORE TEXT! CLEANER WORKFLOW!When do you want it?NOW! We’re happy to oblige! These two new capabilities aid you on your quest to lifelike ai text to speech.

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When you’ve got an eye-dazzling video and a perfectly wordsmithed script, you need only the best for your voice narration, too. We’ve compiled some of the voice industry’s best tips

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