The Impact of Voice on Real Estate Videos

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but what’s worth more than a gallery of pictures? Sweeping real estate videos are!

When people visit a house listing online, the number one question guiding their thinking is clear: Can I imagine myself living in this home? Giving potential buyers a chance to see the home interior through video first allows them to more fully see themselves inhabiting that space. Plus, it allows you to extend the reach of your listing. 

One way to make your real estate videos even better is to provide quality voice over. Help people imagine themselves in their new home by providing them with a story about it. Your listing is only the setting in which the heroes of this story — your home buyers — create their best moments. Help them see this potential reality by weaving a compelling narrative.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you develop your video and its narrative.

Create an experience with real estate videos

One of the main reasons a video is so compelling: it’s immersive.

People imagine themselves in that space. The camera lens becomes their view as they walk through the door with you. Help them really see the details you want them to notice as you take them on best path through the home.

Give them a story that compliments this journey. What do you want them to imagine, to feel? Guide them with a compelling voice over, mix in a beautiful sound track, and that narrative stays with them when they visit the home in person.

Mind your budget

When you produce a video, lots of opportunities to spend money present themselves. From filming, to voice acting, to editing, you must choose along the way where you want to spend.

Some people choose to opt out of voice narration to save money. Another alternative is to use text-to-speech narration, and with more and more life-like ai text to speech on the market, TTS is preferable to going without.

In fact, you might find yourself liking the flexibility of TTS so much that you choose it regardless of budget constraints.

Short & sweet

Keep your real estate video short. You aren’t selling the home with the video; you’re selling a first impression. Let it entice your viewers to want to see more. Check out some examples to get a sense of how long you want to make yours.

Balancing act

Create a mood that suits the vibe of the house, and make sure you stay consistent. Keep this mood in mind as write your narrative, choose your voice actor, and find your background music. At the same time, don’t overkill it. Subtlety wins the game.

Think “community”

A home is more than four walls and a door — it’s part of a community. What story does the neighborhood tell? If the community plays a major role in building your narrative, include some footage from out and about, as well as footage of the stunning interior.

Publish the script

Help people find your compelling real estate video by publishing your script. Whether you include this content on the listing page, in the Youtube description, or on your company’s page, making those words visible helps people find your listing. The keywords in your narrative will help attract the right potential buyers, and a little search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t hurt either.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels
Music by Bensound


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