New Avatar Voices, Now at WSL!

Meet the new text to speech voice avatars at WellSaid!

We are so excited to introduce you to our seven new friends. Technically, they are avatar voices, but we know you’ll like them. While we often add new voice options to the WSL Studio, we are extra excited about this group. Let’s meet the new options for your next voice over project and learn a bit about the process.

Finding the Right Avatar Voices

The process of adding new voices to our Studio is not a fast or easy one. We interview dozens of voice actors from all over the world. Not everyone makes the cut. There is also the balance of age, gender, region, and tone to consider. (Spoiler alert: We have even more diverse voices coming very soon!)

“When we screen our voice actors, we look for talent that can deliver that perfect blend of conversational and professional. Often, even after the screening and selection, if their recording environment isn’t clean enough, we have to unfortunately say no. We make sure our future WellSaid avatar’s samples are of the very highest caliber.”

-Sara, WellSaid Labs Voice Talent Procurement

These Voice Avatars Are Ideal for Narration

We tailor our voices for different needs. For voice over narration, you want an inviting and steady voice that is easy to listen to. Too much energy in a voice avatar can be distracting for long-form content. However, you want the voice over to still be engaging. These voices strike the perfect balance.

New avatar voices help WellSaid Labs fit all your voice over projects.

Check Out Chase’s Calm Narration

If you need a voice over for an eLearning or employee module, Chase is a perfect choice. His reassuring tones are so pleasant to listen to, even for extended periods of time.

Jude Adds a New Accent to the Studio

This voice actor is actually South African, and studied extensively in England. He calls his accent “South African / British” or “Neutral English.” His tone and pronunciation is unique in our voice avatar catalog.

Try These Avatar Voices for Ads and Promos

When you’re recording promo material or audio ads of any kind, you need a certain energy. The avatar needs to grab a listener’s attention right away, yet be easy to understand. Our new promo options really deliver.

Book Bella for Your Next High-Energy Project

Whether it’s a podcast ad or a YouTube promo, Bella’s voice is fresh and engaging. Keep your audience hooked to the last word with Bella as your voice over.

Here’s Paul’s Trustworthy Voice Avatar

With his deep and warm tones, Paul is a great promo voice who will help instill trust in your audience. Try out this new voice avatar for your next marketing project.

Eric Is Promo-Perfect

Need to convey enthusiasm and energy? Eric is the perfect choice to get your listener excited about whatever you want to say.

This Is Steve, A Warm and Friendly Voice

Steve has an easygoing, relaxed tone that is an ideal option for ads and promotions. This voice avatar is conversational and natural sounding. Try Steve with your next script!

Meet Tilda, Playful and Energetic

If you want your voice over to be friendly and engaging, you’re going to love Tilda’s voice. She would be ideal for a fast-moving script that will quickly hook the audience into your message.

Avatar Voices for Every Occasion

Whether your project necessitates a calm and steady narration or a peppy promo voice, we have you covered. In addition to these new voice avatars, we have an entire catalog of additional variety. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we add even more diverse accents, ages, and avatar qualities. Lots of new friends are coming!


Try WellSaid Studio

Create engaging learning experiences, trainings, and product tours.

Try WellSaid Studio

Create engaging learning experiences, trainings, and product tours.


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