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Listen to Our Voice Over Actors

Ava M.

“Helping a client through their accident claim can be a difficult...”

Tristan F.

“Are you ready to get revved up? Ford of Seattle has all the hottest SUVs...”

Nicole L.

“When you first open a Client Interaction, you will be on the...”

Wade C.

“Welcome to New Patient Protocols for the ICU. This course...”

Patrick K.

“The Aircraft Situation Display provides information...”

Ramona J.

“Welcome home! From a breezy open entry to high ceilings...”

Kai M.

“The human voice is generated when the lungs, the vocal folds...”

Paige L.

“Classical thermodynamics deals with states of dynamic...”

How we create our voices

Take a behind the scenes look at how WellSaid Labs creates an AI voice. 

Los Angeles DJ to AI Voice

From L.A. DJ to an AI generated voice over. How this DJ cloned his voice.

Commercial Voice Over

This video is an example of a real estate walk through video using our AI voices

Voice Over for Commercials: FAQs

You know how important your image is in commercials. WellSaid voiceovers are the next generation in branding. If you’re ready to learn more about creating amazing voice overs, here are the answers to all the most common questions you may have about how it all works.

Voice overs are unseen narrators talking over an image, video, or scene. It could be a sweeping landscape shot, jump cuts between various parts of a manufacturing process, or a selection of on-screen diagrams.

The voice you choose illustrates who you are as a brand and what you stand for. Accents, languages, and tones can all be subtly changed to match the feel of your commercial.

Sometimes voice overs are simply narrators, such as in the case of a radio or podcast ad. How you speak determines how successful your marketing campaign is.

Voice overs are vital for grabbing people’s attention and engaging them in ways they’ve never been reached before. Without one, you are diminishing the potential of your ad from the moment you release it.

Voice overs for commercials may be used to entertain, and promote. They can form the foundation of your brand in the form of a traditional commercial. You can use them to promote a new product, range of services, teaser trailer, or even as part of corporate productions.

The same voice can be oriented to various commercials depending on your goals. However, with WellSaid, you don’t have to maintain the same voice. If you find that a certain voice may better suit another project you’re working on, we offer a vast suite of AI-generated voice talent for you to sample and customize.

You’re not limited to one voice. Our platform supports voice overs with multiple speakers. If you needed a commercial with several unique personalities, it would have cost thousands of dollars twenty years ago. Today, it only costs a fraction to bring your commercial to life with nothing more than a script.

Professional voice overs are expensive. If you want to hire a professional, you can spend anywhere from $250 to $3,500 for a few minutes of their time. Costs vary wildly based on experience, profile, and amount of recording.

Voice over artists are able to charge so much because of the travel times, expenses, and investments they make in their own recording studios, and those costs continue to rise year after year. 

The top 10% of professional voice over artists make six-figure salaries every year. Unless you’re a major corporation, you cannot expect to be able to afford the top talent in the business, leaving you with a dilemma. How can you get the professional voice you expect for your commercial without breaking your marketing budget?

WellSaid Labs has changed the game with the power of AI technology. We allow you to craft the sound and voice to the same standard as the world’s most highly regarded voice actors. Our policy is to deliver the best professional voice standard at the lowest price possible.

See what you can get for your commercials at a fraction of the cost by trying out our platform for free now.

Turnaround times were always a major headache when using traditional voice actors. The most popular voice actors – especially if they were particularly skilled with accents – could be booked up months in advance. This creates a problem for any company looking to produce a new commercial quickly.

Turnaround times have never been faster with WellSaid. There are no rehearsals or scheduling issues to take into account. Your voice over can be generated directly from your text-based script.

You can create any voice imaginable using our platform. Manipulate every aspect of your commercial to craft a sound that is truly unique to you. More organizations than ever are relying on AI-generated voice over as an alternative to traditional human actors.

Turnaround times are measured in minutes, particularly if you have already built your voice avatar. Rather than waiting weeks, or even months, to secure the voice you want, you have on-demand voice options.

Yes, you can.

AI technology has transformed a range of industries in the last few years, including translation and transcription. We are constantly adding to our service by incorporating more languages. You can already choose any major world language, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and Japanese.

Our team is constantly working on voice overs in new languages to enable our platform to serve every conceivable market on the planet.

English may be the majority native language of the global community, but forward-thinking companies understand the value of speaking to someone in their most comfortable language. It is why massive multinationals invest millions in translating their material into various world languages.

Targeting different markets with your products and services offers an easy avenue to reach those you otherwise couldn’t.

WellSaid provides you access to the languages of all the major markets in the world, enhancing your communication and bolstering your reach.

Psychologists have proven time and time again that voice overs increase how memorable your ads are. Text can tell you a lot. Yet images can disseminate information 60,000 times faster. Video distributes information even faster. There’s just one thing missing: audio.

Combining audio, imagery, and video is the ultimate combination that contributes to making ads as effective as they are.

Verbalized product descriptions and compelling calls to action are proven to attract attention and actively engage with the viewer/listener.

There is no more effective way of taking an already intriguing ad to the next level.

There is an unlimited number of selections available for your professional voice over. You may have been restricted to a short list of voice actors in the past, but AI has opened the way for more combinations than ever.

So, what makes an effective voice over if you are looking to make an impact in your commercial?

It’s not enough to choose just any voice. You need a speaker who can provide perfect diction, intensity, tone modulation, and rhythm. You also need a speaker who meets the expectations of the customer.

Nobody knows your customers better than you do. Rather than wasting time trying to explain your brand, its goals, and values to an outsider, do it yourself. Put yourself in control with the voice that never fails with WellSaid Labs.

You may have heard of the concept of voice cloning. At WellSaid Labs, voice cloning is the crux of how you can build your own avatars to resemble real people, as opposed to starting from scratch.

Advancements in AI, especially in the deep learning section (a subset of machine learning), have made producing perfect replications of real voices possible. It is made possible by the powerful hardware we use to accelerate and render voices.

Moreover, AI needs extensive training data on your target voice. It’s why if you want to use our platform to replicate your voice or the voice of someone you know, we require a few hours of recordings. Fortunately, as AI becomes more powerful, expect to require less time and data to clone a voice.

Negative uses for voice cloning, such as deep fakes, have overshadowed the real benefits for companies in using this technology for their commercials.

Increase your advertising opportunities by always having a perfect voice on demand at the click of a button. Revive old voices to help tell new stories. Diversify your content to avoid your commercials becoming stale or to reach various communities.

Finally, voice cloning allows you to target your commercials on a hyper-localized level. It could be within a different state or a different country. For example, if your company is based in Texas, you likely want a local accent for your ads on your home ground. Even if this ad performs well in the Texas market, you might struggle to replicate that success in a place like New York.

By taking advantage of cloning, you tailor your advertising campaigns to the viewer or listener every time, without the hassle or the expense.

Voice overs have been around for as long as advertisements have been on television and other visual mediums. While voice over artistry was often seen as a way into Hollywood or as a way for failed Hollywood actors to survive, today, it’s a well-respected profession because of the high ROI for companies using them.

The history of voice overs dates back to the 1920s, when radio became the preferred medium of entertainment for the nation. It didn’t take long for voice overs to become a major facet of the television world, either.

Voice overs have long been a staple of advertising, and it continues to evolve with consumer tastes and changing mediums. AI voices have been one of the most exciting advancements in the industry over the past few decades, and this technology is only advancing, giving the industry a lot to anticipate.

Not every voice over is a winner. With so many voice over options available, creating your voice is an evolving process for your brand. Even with powerful text-to-voice technology, there is a chance your audience won’t respond to the voice you chose in the way you expected.

Results like these would spell disaster for companies in the past. Today, all you have to do is tweak your personal avatar. There are millions of combinations available through WellSaid Labs to find the winning voice for your brand. 

Our streamlined working process enables your team to collaborate and bring their creativity to the surface, wherever they are. Trust WellSaid to create compelling, realistic AI voice overs now.

Large corporations all the way down to small staff nonprofits use our text to voice converter software to create a realistic human voiceover in minutes and download an MP3.

There are over 50 voice actors in our library including both male and female voices that can be delivered in a conversational, promotional and narration tone.

Brands that need a robust voice infrastructure can take advantage of WellSaid Labs text to speech API, and voice maker studio for teams that are collaborating on video projects.

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Published – September 29th, 2022