Videate and WellSaid Labs partnership press release

[PRESS RELEASE] WellSaid Labs and Videate Partner to Bring Best AI Voice to Video

WellSaid Labs has a host of incredible collaborators in the generative software space. One such innovator is our long-term partner, Videate, a video production platform for software companies.

In the News: The Press Release about This Partnership

WellSaid Labs and Videate partner to bring the best AI voices to auto-generated videos

Videate users can now produce how-to videos at scale with lifelike AI voices from WellSaid Labs

Seattle, WA; May 1, 2023. 

WellSaid Labs and Videate partner to bring the best AI voices to market.

Videate, the leading video automation platform, is proud to announce its partnership with WellSaid Labs, the industry’s best-in-class provider of AI voices. The collaboration enables Videate customers to use the most natural-sounding AI voices available on the market in their auto-generated software how-to videos.

Customers of Videate’s video automation platform can now make videos with WellSaid Labs’ library of voices without any audio editing. This fully integrated solution requires no manual effort, providing a seamless experience for the end user.

The customer value delivered by this partnership is significant. Users of the Videate platform now have access to 140 options for their video voice overs. Increasing operational efficiency to their content production while delivering high quality video content powered by WellSaid’s Generative AI Voice. “We are thrilled to partner with Videate to provide their customers with scalable, lifelike AI voices,” said Martín Ramírez, CRO of WellSaid Labs. “High-quality custom video production is better than ever with the partnership of WellSaid Labs and Videate.”

Dave Gullo, CEO of Videate, added, “In surveys with our customers, WellSaid Labs always comes to the top for AI voice quality. People who previously had concerns about AI voices no longer have them. We’re excited to partner with WellSaid Labs to bring the best AI voices to our users.”

The partnership between WellSaid Labs and Videate is live now. Users can enjoy the scalability and ease of creating and updating videos with realistic human voices, a variety of accents, and a range of styles. With this collaboration, Videate is now the go-to platform for effortless, natural-looking and sounding video creation and automation.

About WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs is the leading AI text-to-speech technology company and first synthetic media service to achieve human-parity in voice. 

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About Videate

Videate is the only video automation platform that keeps how-to and training videos up to date with every software release. 

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Austin, it is backed by S3 Ventures, the largest venture capital firm focused on Texas, Tensility Venture Partners, and Wavemaker Group. 

Customers including VMware, Cisco, Blue Yonder, Procore, and Docebo use Videate to produce videos for customer success, education and training, sales enablement, and product marketing. 

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Martin Ramirez, Chief Revenue Officer, WellSaid Labs

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