A case study about how Snowflake uses WellSaid Studio to improve the eLearning voiceover process

Case Study: Snowflake Transforms Voiceover Creation with WellSaid

As Director of Educational Programs for Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, Nick Goodman is responsible for an impressive library of customer empowerment resources. With multiple educational products to produce and maintain, Nick realized that he needed a better solution for consistent, convenient, and high-quality video voiceovers. 

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Create the Perfect eLearning Voiceover

The right voiceover can make a learning module come alive. More than a mere narration, it infuses the content with character and makes it easy to consume. In eLearning, voiceover is essential to make the material relatable and dramatically increases comprehension and retention. But just because you have a computer, the necessary software, a microphone, and a willing colleague doesn’t mean that you have all the pieces required to create good voiceovers. You also need to understand the modalities of voiceovers before you hit the record button.

To begin with, it’s good to realize that voiceover is a separate domain that requires a lot more than ‘having a good voice.’ Subject matter expertise also doesn’t guarantee a good result. The right voiceover is the result of an interplay of experience, a well-crafted script, and engaging delivery, among several other factors. Here’s a 6-point checklist for producing the perfect voiceover.

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Adobe eLearning World Conference: Keep Your Creative Motivation High

Have you attended any digital conferences this year? You can find plenty of posts weighing the pros and cons of virtual learning experiences. Ultimately, though, most organizations choose to offer opportunities to meet and learn virtually. It’s a great place to find creative motivation.

One of our favorite things about virtual conferences? They create a wealth of online learning opportunities that you can access even after the conference ends. It’s fantastic for creatives who use high-tech tools every day.

Plus, as we know, 2020 is all about finding ways to stay socially and mentally engaged while you’re physically separated from your work communities. Conferences help you learn new tool features while feeding your need for connection.

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Adding WellSaid Audio to your Articulate Course: Rise 360

One of the great things about Articulate 360? It’s very easy to add elearning ai voice content to your courses. Whether you’re using Rise 360 online or one of Articulate’s suite of desktop applications, you can add audio to any of your courses. 

In this series, we’ll show you the steps to take to get your WellSaid audio files integrated with your course. This post is all about Rise 360.

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A Quick Guide to the Top Instructional Design Models

When you’re starting out as an instructional design specialist, finding best practices online can feel overwhelming. Where do you look for help? Which resources do you consult first? Chances are, you look to a variety of sources. Your eLearning software’s blog undoubtedly provides helpful tips, and industry-specific tips and tools should pop up with even a basic google search.

But, before you go down any eLearning research rabbit holes, take one second to pause. It’s easy to get lost in the latest trends and lose sight of the fundamentals. 

Remind yourself why you began this career path: to provide adult learners with meaningful, relevant learning experiences. How do you maintain this focus as you create a course? Does this mean you never get to play with fun new eLearning trends?

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The Ultimate Guide to Voice Narration in eLearning

One of the biggest fears that eLearning content developers share is the disengaged learner. Modern instructional design models, authoring tools, and storytelling best practices aim to address this concern. At the end of the day, the goal is to help others understand and apply new concepts. Given the advancement of digital experiences, accomplishing that today through a digital medium is a tall order. In the enterprise, this phenomenon was very real. Coined the “Consumerization of IT,” this was the moment when big companies realized user expectation was higher given the services and experiences they enjoyed on similar devices, but in different contexts. eLearning is facing this same reality today. 

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