AI Audio Production Made Easy: Expert tips for enterprise voice overs

ai audio production made easy

Audio by Bella B. using WellSaid Labs

In the ever-evolving landscape of audio production, the spaces where voice-over magic happens—be it a state-of-the-art studio or a cozy corner in your home—each come with their unique flavors. The constant? Capturing the style and tone that perfectly echoes the client’s vision, whether delivered by a seasoned voice actor or an innovative AI-generated voice from WellSaid Labs.

Now, there’s a distinction worth making right off the bat–traditional vs AI voice production. Traditional voice acting relishes the nuances of a human touch—the inflections, the breaths taken, the emotion imbued within each word. In contrast, AI voice production, like the services provided by WellSaid Labs, is less concerned with the individual reading and more with generating a diverse and robust database to craft a synthetic voice that sounds just as authentic.

Organizations each have vastly unique needs from their voice over production. And as such, there’s no definitive “winner” when traditional and AI voice over production go head-to-head. Rather, it’s about maximizing the best of both worlds and ensuring that your organization keeps up with essential best audio production practices.

Technical recording and post-production best practices

Whether it’s a whisper or a shout, audio production is all about precision. The serenity of your location, the crispness of a high-quality microphone, and even the choice between kilohertz sampling rates all play a role in the clarity of the final product. As such, we have some expert guidelines to help. 

Location: Opt for serenity. A quiet space is crucial for minimizing reverb and unwanted echoes that mar the clarity of a recording.

Microphone Quality: Invest in excellence. A microphone capable of capturing 24-bit audio grants a dynamic range that can significantly reduce the need for retakes.

Sampling Rate: Choose wisely between 44.1 or 48 kilohertz. Though subtle, the difference matters when manipulating the pitch of audio.

Microphone Placement: Prevent pops and distortion by positioning the microphone at nose level, creating a sound quality that rivals commercial standards.

Levels: Aim for a raw audio level around -18 to -14 decibels to obtain a robust signal, ripe for later refinement.

Export Format: Record and export in lossless formats, such as WAV, to maintain the integrity of the audio without data compression.

What are the different stages of audio production?

Audio production is a multi-stage process that involves various steps to create high-quality audio content. Whether it’s for a podcast, radio advertisement, or voiceover for a video, understanding the different stages of audio production is essential. 

  1. Pre-production: The blueprint stage, where scripts take shape and storyboards form.
  2. Recording: Capturing the raw, vibrant audio—be it in a cushioned studio or a DIY setup.
  3. Editing: The meticulous art of cutting, cleaning, and smoothing out the audio.
  4. Mixing: Balancing the symphony of voices, music, and effects into an auditory delight.
  5. Mastering: The final polish, ensuring your audio shines across any platform.

💡Learn more about mastering audio production here

AI Voice: The future is now

Imagine conjuring the ideal voice-over without the limits of old-school methods. That’s what we do at WellSaid Labs. Our AI voice technology revolutionizes scriptwriting and voice-over creation with swift, customizable production.

In truth, AI voice is about giving creators the power to iterate rapidly, collaborate seamlessly, and produce content that stands out in a crowded market.

The importance of sonic elements 

Every voice tells a story through its depth, pitch, rate, and tone. Intonation, accents, and even breathiness can make your message soar or sink. With WellSaid Labs, each nuance is at your command, ready to shape the perception of your brand.

Streamlined production and deployment with AI

Our AI streamlines the production process, providing a virtual studio where revisions are a click away. Deploy with confidence, knowing your voice-overs are crystal-clear and compelling, thanks to our cutting-edge AI technology and ethical standards.

Real world benefits by industry 

Ever wondered what makes a brand’s voice stand out in the crowded marketplace? It’s the magic of audio production—a blend of art and science that we at WellSaid Labs have perfected. From the thrum of music in a commercial to the clarity of a podcast, audio production is all about crafting experiences that linger in the memory, long after the silence sets in.

Marketing magic: Weaving stories with a brand voice 

In the marketing voices do more than speak–they sing the tunes of authenticity and relatability. With 55% of consumers more likely to recall a brand story than a list of facts, it’s clear that storytelling reigns supreme. 

The challenge? Keeping up with the insatiable demand for content across diverse channels. But fret not—with voice AI technology, like ours at WellSaid Labs, marketers are scripting success stories, producing 8X more content at just a fraction of the cost.

L&D—The voices guiding learning experiences 

Switching gears to Learning and Development (L&D), where the spoken word is more than an embellishment—it’s the essence of knowledge transfer. Despite the concerning fact that 65% of employees forget training content within a week, there’s hope. 

Platforms brimming with educational videos are the go-to for 87% of learners hunting for new skills. And with voice AI, companies like Snowflake are revolutionizing learning, updating their Learning Management Systems (LMS) in under 24 hours—a true feat!

💡Discover Snowflake’s story here

Enhanced product experiences—simplify with AI voice 

Significantly, 66% of consumers using voice-powered video content to discover products and brands. What does this tell us? That audio mixing, editing, and broadcasting have the power to simplify and enhance the user experience, creating that ‘human touch’ interaction. 

And if you’re on the hunt for a voice API that’s as smooth as it is sophisticated, let me introduce you to Recast—a master in superior quality voice production for products.

💡Learn how Recast leveraged WellSaid here

How WellSaid Labs is shaping the future of voice over audio production

For those leaning towards AI voice generation, companies like WellSaid Labs offer a pantheon of TTS/AI voice options, modeled off real voice actors. This means they offer a spectrum of characteristics and dialects at your fingertips. The flexibility and authenticity of these AI voices present an innovative solution, marrying technology with the human element of voice acting. 

While traditional voice recording and AI voice production share a goal—creating impactful audio—they differ in their approach. So whether you aim to hire a freelance narrator, engage with a seasoned voice talent, or explore the frontiers of AI-generated voices, the essence of voice over remains the same—a pursuit of clarity, engagement, and authenticity.

Traditional voice artists bring a unique human flair, while AI voices from WellSaid Labs provide consistent, flexible solutions for a variety of enterprise needs, striking a balance between technical excellence and ethical practice.

With these insights and technical best practices, your enterprise is well-equipped to embark on a voice over project that resonates with your audience and upholds your brand’s reputation for quality and excellence.


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Try WellSaid Studio

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