The Secret Ingredient to Standout L&D Videos: LEEK

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Training videos have come a long way since their OG 80s heyday, catapulted by the acceleration of high-quality content creation. Gone are the days of dreary monochrome tutorials. Now, we can create memorable L&D videos that don’t merely inform, but actually inspire. Plus, with AI sauntering into the scene, we can expect the creative flower bed of L&D video to fully bloom. 

L&D professionals are folks who understand people, comprehend their learning styles, and can tune into their frequency. So, your video content needs to reflect this understanding and wow your employees right off the bat. After all, a spectacular onboarding experience guarantees that 69% of newbies stick with the company for at least three years. It’s like a first date. Why not put on the ole’ razzle-dazzle?

Let’s dive into the four pillars of a triumphant L&D video, or as we’ve cleverly coined them, LEEK: Loyalty, Engagement, Emboldening, and Knowledge.

L is for Loyalty (to your company values and goals)

Even though your head may be a whirlwind of creative video ideas, remember to tether them to your fundamental goals. Unsure what these might be? Here are a few to jot down:

Customer education: Think of L&D videos as an infomercial, shedding light on your products/services in an engaging manner. It’s like feeding info to the brain.

Exciting and motivating new employees: The more enthused they are, the more productive they’ll be. Simple math, really.

Streamlining and speeding up the onboarding process: Because no one wants to spend weeks just learning the ropes.

Easily accessible info: Having a library of L&D videos allows employees to pull out the info they need, just like plucking a book off a shelf.

E is for Engineered towards Engagement

Contrary to popular belief, our attention span isn’t that of a goldfish–it’s shorter. So how do you keep your employees hooked?

Start by laying out clear goals. This is sorta like the “Previously on’” recap at the start of a TV episode. Interactive elements like quizzes or puzzles keep the brain enthralled. Likewise, empathize and solve their specific issues, because there’s no “I” in ‘team’, but there sure is a “me”. Keep things concise, provide breaks, and always seek feedback, because constructive criticism is the cornerstone of improvement. Lastly, a spoonful of real-world examples helps the information go down. 

Remember to keep it positive, because videos that are high on the happy-meter have a 90% recall rate, compared to a meager 48% for sad ones. Kind of like why we remember our birthdays more than tax day.

E stands for Emboldened (creative tactics)

It’s okay to paint outside the lines and shake up the traditional video format. After all, you don’t want to run the risk of reverting back to these types of films (albeit funny). 

Companies like Google and Adobe welcome new recruits with refreshing videos that showcase testimonials and their diverse workforce.

For instance, Google gives a warm welcome to interns with team member testimonials, as you can see below. This is effective because it eases the anxieties of new hires. 

Meanwhile, Adobe manages to relay information about the company’s core values and mission, all while showcasing its commitment to diversity. And this happens in under two minutes! 

K stands for Knowledge-backed (tech stack)

AI is the new kid on the block, but it’s the really cool one. With new AI tools being launched seemingly every day, you can really step up your L&D video game. The fact that 52% of business leaders already use AI to create content should signal that it’s time to get some skin in the game. 

But before you jump on the bandwagon, consider these questions when evaluating a new AI tool for L&D video content

  • How user-friendly is it? 
  • How scalable? 
  • Is it cost-effective? 
  • What are its creative capabilities? 
  • Does it support various learning styles?

Remember the LEEK technique

As the world changes, so must our approach to content, creativity, and understanding humans. Remember, the secret ingredient to a killer L&D video is LEEK: Loyalty, Engagement, Emboldening, and Knowledge. It’s not just a delicious vegetable anymore, but also an acronym for success. 

So whether you’re looking to give your onboarding process a face-lift or wanting to streamline your L&D video creation, we’re here to help you cook up some unforgettable content at WellSaid Labs. 

Let’s get chopping!


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