WellSaid Labs named to top 100 by CB Insights

In the News: WellSaid Labs Named to CB Insights AI 100 List

Listen as Ava M., a WellSaid Voice Avatar, reads the intro.

We are thrilled to announce that for the second time, WellSaid Labs has made the CB Insights AI 100 List of Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups.

This honor in 2022 comes as we expand our offering of the highest grade of AI voice avatars and continue to add top companies to our customer roster from a range of industries. Read the full press release below.

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WellSaid Labs released new ai voice avatars in a variety of accents

New Voice Avatar Release: Meet 13 New WellSaid Voices

Hear Wade C. introduce a few of the new voice avatars.

Providing high quality voice avatars in a variety of accents is an ongoing pursuit at WellSaid Labs. Because we take pride in providing only the most realistic AI voice avatars on the market, each new voice avatar release is a big event. 

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Webinar replay about immersive audio experiences

Webinar Replay: Creating Immersive Experiences, with Zack Zalon

Listen to a WellSaid voice avatar read the first paragraph.

What are differentiated listening experiences and how do they translate to how customers think, feel, and behave? Examples of immersive brand strategies are all around us, but those doing it best create sonic experiences that are almost imperceptible on a conscious level–yet are incredibly effective.

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WellSaid Labs in Adweek about AI voice

WellSaid Labs in the News: Adweek on AI Voice

Emerging technology in AI voice provides expanded advertising opportunities for voice actors and celebrities. However, it also raises questions about authenticity and transparency in the ownership of one’s voice in an age of digital replication.

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Benefits of synthetic voice

Benefits of Synthetic Voice and Voice Cloning for Today’s Top Brands

Check out Jodi’s “promo style” reading of the first two paragraphs.

A unified brand identity is more important than ever in our new immersive experiences and synthetic voice or voice cloning are powerful tools. Marketing services or products through a single channel no longer makes the cut; successful companies reach customers through podcasts, banner ads, social media posts, sponsored content, and more.

With so many different ways to find new audiences and buyers, brands need a recognizable and consistent identity. And because these massively popular new mediums are audio-only — like podcasts or music-streaming services — it’s not enough to only have a good logo or visual design.

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Level up your presentation when you add voiceover to PowerPoint or Google Slides decks. We tell you how in this article.

How to Level Up Your Google Slide and PowerPoint Presentations With Voiceovers

Hear Tobin, one of the WSL Voice Avatars, read the intro to the post.

By 2025, 37.5% of people will be working from home in some capacity, whether fully remote or hybrid. That means it’s vital for businesses to implement strategies that increase engagement in virtual environments. Today, we’re sharing an important hack: adding voiceover to presentations. 

One simple way that businesses can level up both their content and audience retention is by adding voiceovers to Google Slides or PowerPoints

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Wondering how to get into voice acting? This guide discusses how much voice actors make, how to find work, and pros and cons of voice acting.

How to Get Into Voice Acting

This avatar, Ava, was trained from a professional voice actor’s recordings.

Voice acting is a career many feel is reserved for celebrities or people with unique voices. And that’s simply not true! Anyone with dedication and a passion for voice acting can find success in this field. So if you’re wondering how to get into voice acting, you’ve come to the right place. Breaking into this career is no easy feat; there are many more variables and factors to consider than most people may think.

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Read about the WSL ethical stance on why we don't do deepfakes here.

Why We Don’t Do Deepfakes: Ethics of AI Voice

Here, Vanessa, an AI Voice Avatar, reads the first paragraph in her “conversational” style.

For the most part, people trust their eyes and ears. If you saw a video of a politician bad-mouthing a rival, or listened to a recording of a celebrity admitting to a crime, you would suspect they must be real, right? You might think you can see through Photoshop editing or gauge when a recording is fake. But through technological innovation and groundbreaking artificial intelligence, the divisions between reality and fiction are fading.

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How to Write a Podcast Script That Shines

How to Write a Podcast Script That Shines

Listen as Jarvis, one of our AI avatars, reads the intro to this article.

Everyone knows that podcasting is popular. It’s so popular that over 885,000 new podcasts launched in 2020 alone. If you want your podcast to succeed, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. And the best way to show audiences what you’ve got to say and keep them engaged is a great podcast script. 

Many podcasts sound free-form, with hosts and guests telling stories that feel like part of an organic conversation. But the best podcasts follow a proven format that gives listeners an idea of what to expect and make them want to keep listening. 

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