wellsaid election policy

WellSaid Labs’ Support for Election Integrity

Audio by Issa B. using WellSaid Labs

Are you hoping to clone a politician’s voice without their permission? Or maybe you’re wondering how to use synthetic voices to quickly disseminate misleading information about polling locations in your region. You’ll have to keep searching. 

At WellSaid Labs, we prioritize the responsible use of our powerful technology, ensuring that our innovative customers can create high-quality products with integrity. In a year where more than 50 countries will host national elections, and, simultaneously, stories of AI-generated fraud and misinformation regularly appear in the news cycle, we are proud to be a synthetic voice company that has always prohibited deep fakes, disinformation, and the cloning of voices without consent. 

In the spirit of our ongoing commitment to Responsible AI, we are releasing our new Election Policy, effective immediately. This policy is part of our Terms of Service, and explicitly prohibits the use of WellSaid’s voices to disrupt or influence election processes, suppress voters, or spread false information about candidates or voting procedures. 

Every team at WellSaid takes responsibility for the impact of our technology and product on our internal and external stakeholders, as well as for the trust that these stakeholders place in us. This is simply how we operate, and reflects our investment in accountability, a key principle of Responsible AI.

This deep commitment to accountability has been woven into our designs and decisions from the start, and is illustrated by our rigorous Trust & Safety practices. Our Trust & Safety team will hold our users to this new policy via our robust, industry-leading content moderation process, and that our stakeholders expect from us. Users who choose to attempt to create content prohibited by the Election Policy may face disruption of services or account cancellation without a refund of subscription fees. 

WellSaid customers and voice actors count on us to produce high-quality voices without compromising our commitment to integrity, responsibility, and safety. Our new election policy is just one more demonstration of our dedication to being a trusted innovator in the synthetic voice industry. 

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