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Vyond, an AI-powered video creation platform, has been empowering businesses to create highly engaging videos since 2007. With a strong presence in learning and development, Vyond offers an easy-to-use interface that rivals the simplicity of creating slides on PowerPoint. 

To further enhance their platform, Vyond sought to integrate high-quality AI voices. 

The need for high-quality AI voices in Vyond’s platform 

Vyond recognized that voice and audio are crucial components of effective video content. Initially, Vyond relied on various text-to-speech (TTS) providers, but customer feedback highlighted the need for more natural and engaging voices. 

To address this, Vyond sought out an AI voice solution that could meet their high standards of quality and also easily integrate into their platform. Another major factor in their vetting process was ensuring the voice solution was reliable, safe, and compliant–values Vyond’s team holds near and dear. 

Discovering a safe, compliant, and top quality AI voice provider 

Vyond’s search for a superior AI voice solution led them to WellSaid Labs. As Erin remarked, “We chose WellSaid Labs because of their reputation for high-quality voices and their ability to meet our security standards.” All-in-all, the integration process was smooth, and the exceptional customer service from WellSaid Labs’ team solidified the partnership.

Delivering significant value for customers and driving plan upgrades 

The integration of WellSaid Labs’ voices marked a noticeable upgrade in voice quality available within the Vyond platform. Customers moved to replace their existing videos’ voices with those of WellSaid Labs. This shift enhanced the overall engagement of their videos, while also demonstrating Vyond’s commitment to addressing customer needs with high-caliber solutions.

Beyond the primary benefit of improved voice quality, the integration also streamlined workflows for Vyond customers. Previously, many users had to import voices from external sources, a process that was both cumbersome and time-consuming. With WellSaid Labs directly integrated, users could generate high-quality voices within one video creation environment. 

This seamless integration proved particularly beneficial for Vyond’s enterprise customers, who extensively use the platform for creating learning and development, training, and sales enablement videos. The exceptional voices from WellSaid Labs made content more engaging and impactful, which is crucial for retaining viewer attention. 

This added value also served as a compelling reason for many customers to upgrade to Vyond’s enterprise plans, as they recognized the opportunity for substantial improvements to their video content.

Establishing a lasting impact on Vyond’s enterprise offerings

“WellSaid Labs has allowed us to provide our enterprise customers with the high-quality voices they need, enhancing their video content and overall engagement.”

— Katrina Yee, Director of Product, Vyond 

The integration of WellSaid Labs’ voices has been an instrumental part of Vyond’s evolution. By providing truly natural-sounding voices, Vyond has enhanced the quality of the video content created on their platform.

Looking ahead, Vyond is excited about the future of AI in video creation. The company is exploring advancements in custom voice and other AI technologies to further enhance their offerings. By continuing to integrate the very best AI tools, Vyond continues to provide customers with the most comprehensive and innovative platform for creating video content at scale.

By addressing customer needs for more natural and engaging voices, Vyond has undoubtedly reinforced their commitment to customer satisfaction. As both Vyond’s and WellSaid’s technologies flourish, our collaboration promises to bring even more exciting advancements to the world of AI-powered video creation.


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