How WellSaid Labs Transformed Waymark’s Video Creation Platform

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Audio by Tobin A. using WellSaid Labs

In a truly exciting collaboration, Waymark transformed their digital advertising offering with WellSaid Labs’ leading AI voice technology. In this case study, we’ll explore how WellSaid Labs’ AI voices brought a new level of authenticity and efficiency to Waymark’s AI video creator platform, setting a new benchmark in the production of video ads for TV and streaming services.

The challenge

Waymark sought to elevate their video ad production platform to match the quality and authenticity of human-made content. Prior to integrating WellSaid Labs’ AI voiceover technology, Waymark relied on costly and time-consuming manual voiceover processes. They were spending loads of time coordinating with various voice actors. Overall, the process was quite taxing. 

Their challenge was to find a solution that could deliver high-quality, lifelike voiceovers instantly. Why? As this would enhance the viewer’s experience while streamlining production.

The solution

In their quest for innovation, Waymark discovered WellSaid Labs, whose reputation for producing high-quality, ultra-natural sounding AI voices distinguished us from other providers. WellSaid Labs’ AI voice, particularly Tobin A., was praised for its exceptional clarity and human-like quality, which aligned perfectly with Waymark’s mission to create videos that were indistinguishable from those with human voice overs.

The implementation

With a quick turnaround time, WellSaid Labs’ technology was seamlessly integrated into Waymark’s platform. Thereafter, their users could access an instant voiceover experience which dramatically improved the quality of video ads. The integration process was smooth and efficient, with no significant obstacles, facilitating a quick transition to a more advanced, cost-effective production model.

The results

The adoption of WellSaid Labs’ AI voices led to several remarkable outcomes for Waymark:

Enhanced Quality: Videos gained a new level of sophistication, closely mimicking human interaction for truly resonant content. This improvement significantly boosted viewer engagement and retention.

Increased Efficiency: The instant availability of AI voiceovers accelerated the production process, allowing Waymark to generate a higher volume of ads in a shorter time frame.

Cost Reduction: Dependency on professional voice actors decreased, leading to significant cost savings. This was evidenced by a 74% decrease in operating costs related to custom audio for generated videos, freeing up resources for other critical aspects of their business.

Market Adaptability: WellSaid’s diverse range of voices allowed Waymark to cater to a broader audience, adapting to various regional accents and languages. As a result, they experienced a 387% increase in videos generated by users, showcasing the platform’s versatility and appeal across different demographics.

Additionally, client feedback from Waymark’s customers was overwhelmingly positive, with many noting the improved quality and authenticity of the AI-generated voice overs. This feedback served as a testament to the successful integration of AI technology in enhancing their advertising solutions.

“WellSaid Labs’ AI voices helped usher in a new level of quality for our platform. With instant, authentic-sounding AI voices available ‘on tap’ for any project, we were able to revolutionize production for both ourselves and our end users. It’s truly been a game changer,” says Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark, highlighting the transformative impact of the partnership.

Looking forward, Waymark aims to further diversify their voice options to enhance global reach and inclusivity in their advertising solutions.


The collaboration between WellSaid Labs and Waymark represents a step forward in the integration of AI technology in creative technology industries. By harnessing the power of AI voiceover technology, Waymark is able to both streamlined video production processes while setting new standards for quality and authenticity in digital advertising.


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