Elearning instructional design webinar replay

Webinar Replay: eLearning Instructional Design Toolkit with Paul Wilson

Being an eLearning designer is a complex job. Whether it’s storyboarding, imagery, text, voiceover, or animation, you need a lot of tools to be successful. But where do you find the best tools? What works well in various situations?

We were honored to host eLearning instructional design expert, Paul Wilson, in a webinar recently. With over 20k YouTube subscribers for his review videos, Paul is a trusted source for the inside scoop on the best apps to use.

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Content moderation is an important part of our ethical commitment to AI for Good at WellSaid Labs. Read about our philosophy here.

AI for Good: Content Moderation at WellSaid Labs

Here, avatar “Nicole” reads the first paragraph in the Conversational style.

At WellSaid Labs, we consider it an honor that we get to help innovative people amplify their creativity with our AI voices. It is exciting to see the ways our technology can be used to convey information, entertain, and enhance experiences. But with that honor comes a responsibility that we take very seriously, making sure that our voices are used ethically. Here, we explore the importance and challenges of content moderation.

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Voiceover scripts need to be thought through for an excellent end product.

What You Need to Know for Voiceover Script Success

The irony of quality advertisements, audiobooks, and training content is that you may never notice the voiceover behind them—and yet, that’s exactly the outcome you want. Let’s review what constitutes great voiceover scripts.

A high-quality script ensures that a voiceover enhances your content without outshining it (or distracting listeners for the wrong reasons). A well-written script helps voice actors and advanced text-to-speech platforms like WellSaid Labs easily identify where to add pauses, emphasis, and inflections.

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The future of ai voice technology affects many areas of accessibility and customer service.

What is the Future of AI Voice?

The future of AI voice technology is exciting. It makes it easier, more cost-effective, and more efficient for consumers and businesses to reach one another. The outlet, eMarketer, estimates over a third of the U.S. population (roughly 122 million people) use a voice assistant monthly. Additionally, ComScore reports that more than half of all smartphone users engage with voice search technology.

In this article, we discuss the future of AI voice technology. This includes helping companies personalize consumer experiences on a broader scale. It doesn’t end there. The future of AI voice is bridging technology accessibility gaps and navigating concerns around privacy and deep fakes.

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Voice over API is a powerful way to add voice content to your applications.

3 Incredible Reasons to Use Voice Over API

Listen to Tilda, one of our AI voices, read the intro to this article.

Among the most sophisticated AI voice over platforms, voice overs sound completely natural. So lifelike, in fact, that listeners can’t tell the difference between an AI text to voice generator and a human actor. These text-to-speech platforms offer APIs where product developers and engineers can seamlessly integrate a voice over API into their existing technology stack. The possibilities are endless. This creates natural-sounding voice overs for podcast episodes, articles, videos, and more.

In this blog post, we talk more about voice over APIs. This includes what they are, how brands and content creators can use them, and the unique benefits they offer.

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Custom ai voices are an effective and efficient way to create a brand voice over.

The Benefits of Custom AI Voice for Today’s Top Brands

Hear voice avatar Paul read the first paragraph aloud.

Could custom AI voice be a solution for the branding challenge? Brands are battling to connect with consumers more than ever before. With so much competition and saturation across advertising campaigns, social media, web content, and more, companies need a recognizable voice. The term brand voice refers to the tone and personality of a company’s communication and marketing. Since brands benefit from name recognition and awareness, it’s essential to be clear and consistent across every channel. 

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TTS for customer service is a helpful addition to your support team.

Text-To-Speech (or TTS) For Customer Service

Excellent customer service is a balancing act. Customers are looking for solutions to their problems. Companies are looking for consistency and reliability, aiming for every customer service interaction to go as smoothly as possible. However, nailing TTS for customer service requires a money and resources, and many brands are turning to AI technology for more creative, cost-efficient, and high-quality solutions to serve their customers.

For many brands, a fully-staffed customer service team is not feasible from a finance or resource standpoint. It’s extremely expensive to staff customer service teams around the clock, train them, and ensure they strike the right tone to represent a brand in diverse customer interactions.That’s why, in recent years, many companies have looked to non-human solutions. In fact, over 85% of customer interactions are without a living, breathing agent involved.

In place of live customer support agents, some businesses have installed automated systems to deliver pre-loaded responses based on the most common customer service queries. However, menu systems are not always adequate when complex answers are required, which leads to less than stellar customer satisfaction. (We can all picture someone yelling angrily into a phone at a maddeningly robotic autoresponder.) These limitations are why many brands are moving towards more advanced solutions like realistic text-to-speech. 

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What is text to speech & how does it work? WellSaid has the answers for you. Click here to learn all the information you need to know on TTS.

What is Text to Speech & How Does It Work?

According to The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, approximately 20% of the population suffers from some form of dyslexia. Reading difficulties can make most online content difficult to access.

Assistive tech is critical to making ordinary content accessible. Figuring out what is text to speech isn’t easy as most people don’t use it regularly. Voice is the future of the way people consume content.

Apple’s Siri has more than 500 million users, and these numbers are growing fast. Wondering how does text to speech work? Here’s what you need to know about text to speak.

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Samsung Next’s Synthetic Media Landscape

Put Voice To The Future: Samsung Next’s Synthetic Media Landscape

With their newly unveiled Synthetic Media Landscape, Samsung NEXT is asking all of us to tell the positive stories about synthetic media.

Synthetic media, they say, marks the beginning of a third wave of media, and it will change our world. 

We Choose Which Stories to Tell about New Technologies

We like to tell two separate stories about technological innovations: one is based in fear and loss, and the other in hope and possibility.

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WellSaid Adding soundtrack to your voice narration.

Choosing the Right Sound Track for Your Voice Over

When you have a solid voice recording, adding the right background music lets you set the emotional tone. Select the right sound track, and your production suddenly takes on a professional sound. Even subtle background music adds ambiance and feeling to an otherwise sterile recording. 

Finding the right track requires some detective work and a lot of attention to nuance and tone. The process of looking for, and finding, that perfect accompaniment can be mystifying, but it doesn’t have to be. From identifying the best music services to trying out several tracks, this post gives you the information you need for confident audio mixing.

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