Replay recording of Inside the Recording Studio: How AI Voice Avatars Are Built

Webinar Replay: Inside the Recording Studio, How AI Voice Avatars Are Built

Listen to WellSaid Voice Avatar, Jodi P., read the intro.

How do we create incredibly lifelike AI voices? What is the role of the voice actor in the creation process? What Voice Avatars are coming next to WellSaid?

From actor to algorithm to avatar, learn the inside story from Voice Program Manager, Sara Weisweaver. Watch the recording of this live session to learn all this and more.

What We Talked About

In this webinar, Sara explained how we create a voice avatar and how our ethics impact the way we work with voice actors.

Here are the points she covered:

  • How We Train an AI Voice with Scripts – What kind of recordings are needed to build an AI voice? What scripts do we use? Hear the inside story of how we train our algorithm to create an AI voice from recordings.
  • The Voice Avatar Selection Method – The mix of voice avatars we create is carefully planned for maximum variety. Sara tells us the strategy of how she chooses which voices to make when.
  • Voice Actor Ethics and Protections – The most important part of our AI Voice creation is the voice actor community. Learn how we work to understand and protect their best interests every step of the way.

Download the slide deck here.

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