WellSaid Labs Makes the Conversational AI Industry Landscape Map

WellSaid Labs on Project Voice Conversational AI Industry Landscape Map

As Generative AI continues to make news, leaders in the industry map out the frontrunners to watch. More and more categories emerge, and Conversational AI is the latest area to receive a landscape map from the Project Voice team.

WellSaid Labs is proud to once again make the list of top AI companies in the space. Read on to learn more about the Project Voice map, and the other companies on it.

About Project Voice

Project Voice accelerates adoption of conversational AI, and by extension, voice technology, through content, consulting, and community.

Bradley Metrock produces the influential podcast This Week In Voice. It completed Season 7 this fall and returns with Season 8 in early 2023. Mark Cuban has been the most famous guest, but they regularly speak with a who’s-who of conversational AI and voice/AI executives. 

The AI Industry Landscape Map

The Conversational AI Industry Landscape Map is provided in service of Project Voice 2023. It is the main event for language AI and voice technology here in the United States which will attract 2500 attendees and over 100 media outlets in April. Also in attendance is the Project Voice Capital Partners, which has a new rolling fund investing in top-tier founders and companies. The partners specialize in this young AI universe.

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Different Categories of Conversational AI

Finally, here are the different categories covered in the map. WellSaid Labs is in the Generative AI segment, with several of our customers appearing in other categories.

Big Tech – largest companies in the world, often with their own end-to-end CAI systems

Open Source – companies and organizations with AI components or systems designed for community access and iteration

Advocacy – companies and organizations promoting conversational AI, either through collective representation (e.g. trade associations), promotion to clients (e.g. marketing agencies), or other tangential organizations for whom conversational AI is an important part of their products or services

Data – companies working to provide training data necessary to power language AI or other related services

Generative AI – companies working with synthetic media / generative AI involving conversational approaches and/or voice technology

ASR + NLP/NLU – companies working to provide various speech-to-text services, including companies taking speech input and deriving insights and analysis

Testing – companies involved in testing various aspects within the conversational universe

Sonic Identity – companies involved in refining the branding of audio around the core technology of conversational AI

Security – companies involved in biometric authentication or other associated technologies designed to make language AI more secure for both consumer and enterprise use


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