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Audio by Raine B. using WellSaid Labs Dive into an extract from our white paper, Make Generative AI Work For You, Using Digital Scalable Voice. Here, we explore the intricate

Audio by Jarvis H. using WellSaid Labs The choices we make in pursuit of new ways of thinking and doing often prompt us to re-evaluate what we already thought we

Audio by Fiona H. using WellSaid Labs Imagine a world where training videos were as fun as binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. A world where training doesn’t evoke groans but

Audio by Chase J. using WellSaid Labs If the mere mention of “sonic identity” leaves you breaking into a cold sweat or scratching your head in bemusement, you’re not alone.

As we stampede deeper into the wilds of 2023, APIs, the swift cheetahs of the software savanna, dart ahead, paving the digital pathways for our teeming applications. Yet, in true

It’s been said that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a typhoon halfway across the world, a concept known as the Butterfly Effect. In our case, the butterfly is

Training videos have come a long way since their OG 80s heyday, catapulted by the acceleration of high-quality content creation. Gone are the days of dreary monochrome tutorials. Now, we

Just as you wouldn’t send a clown to negotiate a business deal or deploy a ballerina to fix a leaky faucet, the world of video production requires the right talent

Friends of WellSaid Labs, our affiliate program, presents tremendous opportunities. Each time someone uses your affiliate link to become a new customer, you earn 30% commission on their first 3 payments.
We all know products that won out due to high quality. Perhaps Apple, Rolex, Bose, or Tesla come to mind. But do you know Dyson’s neat origin story? It starts back

Behind every great voiceover is a great script.  High-quality voiceover scripts help voiceover actors (or text-to-speech platforms, wink wink) identify where to add inflections, emphasis, and pauses to make a

Check out this replay with voice actor Gabby Fernandes as she tells us all about the experience of creating a WellSaid Voice Avatar.
This Voice Model update from WellSaid Labs can read text to speech in context, making it the most lifelike AI voice available today.

Seattle, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WellSaid Labs, producer of the world’s highest quality synthetic voices available, celebrates growth with new hires, expanded API, custom voices and enterprise Teams

The Team collaboration feature release in WellSaid Studio allows users to create projects together in real-time and customize permissions.

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