Webinar replay with voice actor Gabby Fernandes, the human behind a voice avatar

Webinar Replay: A Conversation with AI Voice Actor, Gabby Fernandes

We talk a lot about how we create Voice Avatars from the voices of actual human voice actors. It’s a fascinating technological process. But what is it like from the voice actor perspective?

Gabby Fernandes is a real WellSaid voice actor, who created a custom Voice Avatar for one of our customers. You won’t hear her voice in Studio (those actors remain anonymous), so she’s a unique voice actor for this conversation.

Check out the replay below.

What We Discuss in the Session

While talking with Gabby, we wanted to hear all about why she decided to make an avatar and what it was like. Here’s what we discussed.

  • Gabby’s Path to AI Voice Work – How did Gabby connect with WellSaid? From a traditional acting career, to voice acting, to becoming a WellSaid voice actor, Gabby tells us how her background and training led her to the moment of this conversation.
  • The Process of Working with WellSaid Labs – What was it like to create a Voice Avatar of her own voice? Gabby tells us what the process was like, how long it took, and what happened once her Voice Avatar was in the final production stages.
  • Implications for Gabby’s Larger Career – How does becoming the voice of an AI Voice Avatar affect the rest of Gabby’s professional life? Hear from Gabby how she sees the intersection of her AI voice work with the rest of her acting and voice acting career.

We are proud to be a trusted partner of voice actors like Gabby Fernandes. Check back soon for our Voice Actor Community Page that is coming this month.

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About Our Voice Actor, Gabby Fernandes

Gabrielle is a Los Angeles based actor. Most recently she filmed a feature film for Lifetime Movie Network. Gabrielle is also an action actor, training and studying with Mike Chat at XMA action, developing her fight skills. Her favorite type of action is sword fighting.

She earned a Bachelors Degree in Theatre from Dean College, and began her career in voiceover studying with Marisa Dargahi remotely during COVID. Gabby produced a reel just before working with WellSaid. 

Gabrielle loves coffee and Law and Order SVU, and if you ever mention Cape Cod to her, she can not stop talking about it!

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