Customer Creative Session: Using Respelling in Studio

Replay of WellSaid Customer Success webinar on Respelling

In August of this year, WellSaid updated the Studio Voice Model with the most lifelike version of our AI Voice Avatars yet. This update helped render your voiceover content with fewer adjustments. Now, the Voice Model can “read” your text in context and get more words right on the first try. We also added the Respelling tool.

How It Works

Our Customer Success Managers, Courtney and Marta, held a creative session to explore Respelling. Watch the replay recording to learn more!

Learn More About Respelling

With the Respelling tool, you can now specify how you’d like difficult or regional words pronounced. For example, words like “tomato,” “aunt,” and “neither” are pronounced differently depending on your geographic background.

Additionally, you may want to give the Voice Model cues about which syllable you want emphasized. With Respelling, you have the ability to coach your Avatar on exactly how to say a word.

In the past, you could try a complex game of phonetic spelling to try to “trick” the Voice Avatars into pronouncing something a specific way. Respelling provides a predictable, standard system for getting your voiceover how you want it.

Additional Resources

The latest WellSaid Studio Voice Model update provided major updates to the quality of AI text to speech.

Here are a few more sources to learn more about the Voice Model update and Respelling.

The WellSaid Help Center

Full of resources about all things WellSaid, the Help Center is a great place to learn more about Respelling. There is both a Respelling key and an article about the overall Voice Update. Start here for answers to your basic questions. You can use the in-app Support chat for specific questions.

Webinar Replay: WellSaid Voice Model Update

Want to get into the nitty gritty of Respelling and the Voice Model update? Check out this webinar replay with our Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Rhyan Johnson. She explains the fascinating background on AI voice science, and how the Voice Model update is innovative.

Respelling and Voice Model Update Blog Post

When we first released the Voice Model update along with Respelling, we released an article all about the update. This blog post summarizes the release, some resources, and the main points of what changed.

Not a WellSaid customer? Sign up for a free trial and try Respelling for yourself!


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