Replay of WellSaid Labs webinar about taking Studio to the next level

Webinar REPLAY: Take WellSaid Studio to the Next Level

Are you a new user of WellSaid Studio, or a seasoned pro? No matter what your expertise level is, you’ll surely learn something new from our recent webinar. Because we are always updating and expanding the Studio experience, you might discover new Avatars or features you haven’t tried yet!

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Replay of Studio Best Practices webinar with Marta Mueller

WEBINAR REPLAY: WellSaid Studio Best Practices and Tips

Whether you’re new to WellSaid Studio or an experienced Voice Avatar coach, you’re sure to learn something helpful in this engaging and thorough creative session.

In this webinar, Marta gives a complete demonstration of creating voiceover in WellSaid Studio. From “auditioning” different Voice Avatars to coaching pronunciation, you will learn exactly how to create high-quality voiceover.

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Replay of WellSaid Customer Success webinar on Respelling

Customer Creative Session: Using Respelling in Studio

In August of this year, WellSaid updated the Studio Voice Model with the most lifelike version of our AI Voice Avatars yet. This update helped render your voiceover content with fewer adjustments. Now, the Voice Model can “read” your text in context and get more words right on the first try. We also added the Respelling tool.

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