Webinar REPLAY: Take WellSaid Studio to the Next Level

Replay of WellSaid Labs webinar about taking Studio to the next level

Are you a new user of WellSaid Studio, or a seasoned pro? No matter what your expertise level is, you’ll surely learn something new from our recent webinar. Because we are always updating and expanding the Studio experience, you might discover new Avatars or features you haven’t tried yet!

Watch the Replay: Take Studio to the Next Level

Our Senior Customer Success Manager, Courtney Mathy facilitated a session with fellow Customer Success Manager, Alisandra Alcocer. During the webinar, Alisandra played a dialogue between two WellSaid Avatars and then deconstructed, step by step, how she created the rendering.

Along the way, Courtney and Alisandra reviewed workflow tips and best practices in Studio to streamline the process and keep the project organized.

Additionally, the hosts introduced some of the newest WellSaid Avatars and tested them out for new content. This new group includes the widest representation of U.S. accents and speaking styles yet. It also provides more options for South African and Australian voices.

Hearing from the Audience

During the live Q&A of the session, Alisandra answered a lot of questions around pronunciation cues, adding pauses, and emphasizing important content. She reviewed the Respelling tool and discussed the Pronunciation Library capabilities.

Many attendees voiced a desire to be able to make the synthetic voices speak faster or slower, louder or quieter. Alisandra was able to drop some hints about our upcoming voice model, that will make these kinds of cues possible. Stay tuned!

How to Get Assistance with Studio

No matter how intuitive we make Studio and how good the AI becomes at pronouncing words, we want to make support as easy as possible to find.

For those tricky pronunciations, you can reach out via our Support chat in the lower right corner of Studio. If it’s not during WellSaid Support hours (9am – 4pm PST), you can always email our team at support@wellsaidlabs.com .

Most topics are also covered in our robust Knowledge Center. This is a great first place to look for answers.

Have product feedback, avatar requests, or ideas for a future live session? Email us any time!


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