Learn best practices for WSL Studio with our product expert in this creative session.

Webinar Replay: Creative Session with Customer Success

Ever wondered how to get a pronunciation just right in the WellSaid Studio? Or wondered about which voice avatar to use?

In our Creative Session on February 10, we dug deep into Studio with one of our Customer Success Managers, Marta Mueller. You won’t want to miss all the best practices for everything from acronyms to avatars!

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We released new ai voice avatars in q1 of 2022.

New Voice Avatar Release: Meet 9 New WellSaid Voices!

We are always excited when we release new voice avatars, but this edition is especially exciting. Introducing 9 brand new voice avatars, including all new accents. Additionally, we have added new voice styles to existing voice avatars that you already know and use regularly. Read on to hear samples and learn all about these new options.

New Accents: Australian and More British English Voice Avatars

Users all over the world have been asking us to add more accents to our catalog of voices. In our last voice avatar release, we added a South African and more British accents. This release, we are thrilled to add our first Australian English accent. Check out Jarvis, Theo, and James!

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Read about the steps and components of high quality voiceover.

Everything You Need to Know About Creating High-Quality Voiceover

The voiceover industry is booming, thanks in part to a 42% increase in audiobook consumption in 2020 and a forecasted 21% growth in eLearning (valued around $250 billion in 2020). Voiceovers sound off across video marketing, advertisements, voice assistants, corporate training content, and more. A high-quality voiceover leads to more sales, a more professional brand image, and more memorable marketing materials. But technology is changing quickly and voiceovers must keep up to be heard and be effective.

In this blog post, learn the myriad channels voiceovers appear in, the essential elements of a high-quality voiceover, who makes voiceovers in today’s marketing landscape, and how voiceovers are recorded—from traditional methods to the latest technology.

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Voice over API is a powerful way to add voice content to your applications.

3 Incredible Reasons to Use Voice Over API

Listen to Tilda, one of our AI voices, read the intro to this article.

Among the most sophisticated AI voice over platforms, voice overs sound completely natural. So lifelike, in fact, that listeners can’t tell the difference between an AI text to voice generator and a human actor. These text-to-speech platforms offer APIs where product developers and engineers can seamlessly integrate a voice over API into their existing technology stack. The possibilities are endless. This creates natural-sounding voice overs for podcast episodes, articles, videos, and more.

In this blog post, we talk more about voice over APIs. This includes what they are, how brands and content creators can use them, and the unique benefits they offer.

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Meet the new text to speech voice avatars at WellSaid!

New Avatar Voices, Now at WSL!

We are so excited to introduce you to our seven new friends. Technically, they are avatar voices, but we know you’ll like them. While we often add new voice options to the WSL Studio, we are extra excited about this group. Let’s meet the new options for your next voice over project and learn a bit about the process.

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Product Update: Render by Paragraph

At WellSaid Labs, we’re always listening to our clients and creator community to develop features that help create text-to-speech voiceovers more easily, efficiently, and effectively. One of the most requested features is Render by Paragraph, which is a functionality that enables you to automatically render a separate audio file for each paragraph of your script. In this article, we share the benefits of Render by Paragraph, how to use it in WellSaid Studio, and examples of Render by Paragraph in action.

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WellSaid Labs Voiceover for Videos

Generate Natural Voice Overs for Your Videos

Natural voice overs are one of the most in-demand ways to bring videos to life. That’s true whether you’re creating learning and development content, training videos, YouTube videos or any other type of video marketing.

You probably relied on agencies, voice actors, or even internal employees to create your voice overs in the past. However, with today’s technology, it’s never been easier, more cost-effective, or efficient to generate natural voice overs for your videos.

In this article, we guide you through what to look for when creating natural voice overs.

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Tips about how to make a voiceover with WellSaid Labs text to speech

How to Make a Voiceover With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most cost-effective, streamlined, resource-efficient ways to create voiceovers for learning and development content, online courses, training videos, podcasts, audiobooks and more. But you may be wondering… how exactly does the process work? In this article, we help to demystify the process, walking you through the steps involved so you can see how simple, efficient and effective making AI voiceovers can be. 

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WellSaid Labs - Audio content

7 Production Types in Need of Great Voiceover

Depending on whether you’re an eLearning Developer looking to record a new-hire training video, an entertainment company wanting to narrate its next blockbuster, or a wellness guru composing a new meditation video, you likely have different needs when it comes to voiceovers. In this article, we break down the most popular voiceover styles and how to locate the right one for your next project.

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