Five9 and WellSaid: Creating a Custom AI Voice Avatar

Five9 created a lifelike custom voice avatar with WellSaid Labs.

When customer support giant Five9 needed a lifelike custom AI voice, they turned to WellSaid. The steps to building their voice avatar from a real human is a fascinating process. Watch this video about how WellSaid experts go about this creation.

Watch This Short Documentary Video

This video was made after Five9 and WellSaid Labs were featured in Geekwire, discussing the launch of this new custom voice.

More About the Collaboration

The following context is from the Geekwire story about this project, which launched in 2022:

California-based Five9 says it will incorporate WellSaid’s voice synthesis technology into its Virtual Voiceover menu of synthetic voices suitable for self-service contact centers. The new capabilities will be provided to users of the Five9 Inference Studio 7 platform at no additional cost, with wide availability planned in early 2022.

“In our experience, the more lifelike an IVA can sound, the better the reception it will receive from the customer who is speaking with it,” Callan Schebella, Five9’s executive vice president for product management, said today in a news release. “We’re continually looking for the latest and greatest technologies to enhance the Studio platform, and we are excited to partner with WellSaid to bring this new innovation to our customers.”

Callan Schebella

How Five9 Will Use the Custom Voice

Five9 used WellSaid’s technology to create a customized voice avatar with the aid of University of Manchester linguistics expert Alex Baratta and voice coach Liam French Robinson. Baratta and Robinson enlisted professional voice actor Vaughn Johseph to serve as the model for Five9’s in-house phone agent.

The customized agent will be available to Studio users along with the standard WellSaid offerings. These avatars can be use for anything from reassuring new employees who are going through training, or giving a playful boost to a new marketing project.

Interested in a Custom Voice Avatar?

WellSaid creates custom avatars for a variety of customers and a variety of uses. If you’d like to learn more about the process, check out this webinar recording and a case study about another custom voice avatar customer.

You can also learn more on our Custom Voice Avatar page, or by contacting our voice experts.


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