New Voice Avatar Release: Meet 9 New WellSaid Voices!

We released new ai voice avatars in q1 of 2022.

We are always excited when we release new voice avatars, but this edition is especially exciting. Introducing 9 brand new voice avatars, including all new accents. Additionally, we have added new voice styles to existing voice avatars that you already know and use regularly. Read on to hear samples and learn all about these new options.

New Accents: Australian and More British English Voice Avatars

Users all over the world have been asking us to add more accents to our catalog of voices. In our last voice avatar release, we added a South African and more British accents. This release, we are thrilled to add our first Australian English accent. Check out Jarvis, Theo, and James!

Jarvis – British Accent in a Narration Style

If you need an engaging and light narration style with a British English accent, Jarvis is an exceptional choice. Notice in his sample above how his lively voice would work for all kinds of branded content, not just instructions.

Theo – Australian Accent in a Narration Style

Theo is an excellent choice for an Australian audience or anyone accustomed to that style of English speaking as their second language. With a soothing narration tone, he is ideal for conveying long form information to your audience.

James – Soothing and Warm British Narration Voice Avatar

You are going to love how lifelike and personable James is. He has a uniquely warm voice that sounds like someone you could listen to for hours in an eLearning module, or who would grab your attention in a shorter marketing piece.

More Diverse American English Accents

With this group of American accents, we prioritized diversity. When you listen to these samples, you will notice a wide variety of ages, intonations, energy, and inflections across these avatars.

Gia – Inviting American English Narration Style

When you need an American accent that is accessible and pleasant to listen to, Gia is an excellent choice. She represents a fresh take on narration style that is not too formal or stuffy.

Antony – Narration Style with Energy and Brightness

Some narration styles should be low energy and soothing, while others need to be a bit more lively. Antony is an excellent option for a narration style that is versatile enough to be used for anything!

Genevieve – Calming But Light Narration Style

Genevieve is a relaxing voice that isn’t boring. In narration, you need the the voice avatar to be a balance of easy to listen to, but not too bland. We think you’ll find that Genevieve is a perfect combination of engaging and calm.

Owen – A Mature Narration Voice for Every Audience

If you aren’t sure what kind of voice will appeal to a diverse audience, Owen is strong choice. His voice is not too casual, but also not stuffy. The quality of his voice feels accessible to almost any listener. Check him out!

Raine – Narration with an Engaging Tone

We think Raine sounds like a narrator from a Hollywood movie. With a narration style that really holds your attention, he is a great option not just for traditional instructional narration use, but any voice over need.

Zach – A Promo Style for Many Uses

Some voice avatars that are marketed as “promo” style can be a bit too much. Not Zach. His voice has the energy and enthusiasm of a promo voice, but is relaxed enough to be versatile for a variety of voice content needs.

Familiar Voices, New Styles

Many of our customers are already regularly using existing avatars for their promo or narration styles. We are excited to add a “conversational” style to seven of our existing avatars, for even more versatility. Additionally, we also added a narration style to an avatar who didn’t have that capability.

Conversational Style for Many Uses

Sofia, Nicole, and Kai using their conversational styles.

Not as formal as a narration style, not as high-energy as a promo style, conversational style voices are an in-between option that shine in a variety of uses. Friendly, accessible, and engaging, this type of voice can be used for anything from company training to marketing and ads.

Here are the existing avatars that received a new conversational style:

  • Wade
  • Sofia
  • Vanessa
  • Ava
  • Nicole
  • Kai
  • Patrick

In addition to these new conversational styles, we also added a narration style to Jodi’s avatar. Log into Studio and check out these fresh options today!

How to Access New Avatars and New Styles

We heard feedback from customers asking for more diversity of tones, more options, and more styles. That’s why we’ve decided to roll these new choices out to everyone in a Producer, Creative, or API subscription. Simply log into Studio, and try them out! Curious about upgrading your subscription?

At WellSaid Labs, we are constantly striving to improve the quality, consistency, diversity, and utility of our ai voices. Thank you for all your feedback and business as we make our work better together.


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