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Issa B.
English (ZA), Narration
Cameron S.
English (US) Narration
Jay S.
English (US), Narration
Paige L.
English (US), Conversational
Joe F.
English (US), Narration
AI Voice for global brands.

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WellSaid Labs is the top AI voice platform. Thousands of companies use it to create engaging content and experiences, saving time and money — without compromising quality.

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Fiona H.

“Thank you for joining us for our Overview of Mediation...”

Joe F.

“Let's face it, you're ready for a change. Join our crew for an adventure...”

Jordan T.

“When you first open a client interaction, you will be on the...”

Ben D.

“The aircraft situation display provides information...”

Donna W.

“Welcome to our podcast about local politics! We're here today to talk...”

Marcus G.

“I had an amazing dream last night. I walked through a door made of...”

Charlie Z.

“The snow is falling and the mountains are calling. Stop by today for...”

Cameron S.

“Working with a client in crisis can be challenging for any practitioner...”

Create with the most powerful AI Voice Generator

Control the tone, punctuation, and emphasis to convey your message using AI voices any way you like. You are the director—tell the AI voices how you want them to perform.

WellSaid Labs - Respellings

Gain full control over how words are said

Respellings lets you format a word within the Studio text editor that tells the AI exactly what sound each syllable should make.

WellSaid Labs - Cues

Generative AI voices that perform

Change the emotions of your stories by instructing the AI voice what pace, loudness, and pausing you want it to speak in.

The leader in text-to-speech

WellSaid is rated the top AI Voice solution for enterprise and public sector organizations.

Elevate your projects with lifelike AI Voice Generation

Gear your AI voice content to your target audiences with distinct personalities.

Find your AI voice

Select the ideal voice Avatar from our AI voice maker’s diverse range of choices.

Finish productions faster

Create AI voiceovers straight from your script, using one or multiple voices.

Centralize your team’s workflow

Share projects and files with team members for feedback and co-production.

Collaboration made easy

Bring everyone in your team together to tell a unified story — with one AI voice or many.

The ultimate AI Voice Generation Platform for top brands and enterprise teams

At WellSaid Labs, we recognize the challenges of adding voice to your digital content, experiences, and products. Voice is an integral part of compelling digital experiences and storytelling. In collaboration with the best voice talent in the world, we make the most natural-sounding AI voices that are worth listening to.

Create with Consistent, High-Quality AI Voices

Every brand needs a voice that echoes its ethos and core values. Nailing down that perfect narration is time-consuming, and the results can differ over long periods of time or multiple recording sessions. In contrast, our AI-powered voices maintain a consistently high caliber standard, ensuring your brand’s sonic identity is preserved across all productions. You can rely on our proprietary AI technology to represent your brand with the same quality and tone, regardless of the project’s duration or scope.

Engage Listeners with Realistic AI Voices

Holding a listener’s attention is crucial. Our voices are tailored to keep listeners involved and engaged. Through adept modulation and pacing, our AI voices ensure message delivery that’s both clear and captivating.

Navigate Global Voices with Ease

We cherish the diversity and nuance of language, especially for a global audience. Our Voice Avatars encapsulate a wide variety of accents, from the lilting tones of the Irish to the distinct cadences of South African English. If your brand seeks a specific accent or a voice in a different language, we’re here to assist. WellSaid Labs can build Custom Voices tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Scale Voice Generation with a Reliable Infrastructure

As the trusted Generative AI Voice provider of companies like Netflix, SquareSpace, Amazon, Snowflake, and thousands of other enterprise and government organizations, we understand the importance of reliability when it comes to building dependencies on a third-party platform. Our services are built to preserve the quality of the voice renderings across long-form content creation. Most voice generators are built for hobbyists and do not provide the enterprise-grade security and platform stability your company needs.

Ethically Create AI Voice and Use it Responsibly

We do not create deepfakes and will never create an AI Voice without the written and explicit consent of the individual whose likeness will be used to train our models. We strongly believe in respecting individuals’ rights and intellectual property. We also moderate content production to ensure our Generative AI Voices are not used to disseminate misinformation and hate content.

Voiceover production is faster with WellSaid

AI Voice that aligns with your brand identity

Each brand has a unique voice that brings it to life. Our goal is to help you create with your voice—at scale, ensuring your content is not just heard but truly listened to, understood, and remembered.

Find The Right Style in Our Expansive AI Voice Library

The ideal voice is now available for every product interaction, and every story told. Our expansive library is a trove of voices suited for any project—from immersive creative stories to training modules. Whether you're looking for a male, female, or non-binary voice, the diversity of our AI voice offerings ensures you find the sound that best aligns with your project's needs and brand. We aim to empower you with the most reliable AI voice generation platform you can trust to build great experiences and content to captivate your audiences.

Capture Diverse Narratives Flawlessly

Every story demands a distinct voice, whether a heartfelt advertisement or an informative eLearning course. With our AI voice maker, you're not just getting a voice; you're finding the one that aligns with your content's purpose, ensuring it stands out and leaves a lasting impact.

Speed Up Production with AI-Generated Voices

Now, say that ten times faster. Our voice generation platform creates content 10 times faster than real-time. That means that 60 seconds of narration takes 6 seconds to render. Our AI voices provide the most reliable integration for conversational experiences, IVR, chatbots, and other applications that must react to user interactions.

Start Creating

Learn how to make your teams more efficient with Generative AI Voices used and trusted by top brands around the globe.

The best enterprise AI Voice Generation Platform

Top brands and global organizations trust WellSaid Labs with mission-critical content production workflows. Explore some of the ways our customers optimize content production and digital experiences with our AI voices.

Corporate Training & E-Learning

For companies aiming to elevate their internal corporate training modules, our AI voice generator offers an impeccable balance of clarity and engagement. It's about more than imparting information. It's about ensuring every employee remains engaged, understands, and retains critical information to do their job successfully.


In advertising, capturing attention is crucial, but creating a lasting impression is key. We enable you to speak directly to your audience with localized and personalized voice overs, delivering dynamic content at unparalleled speed. Tailor your voice over to amplify your message and ensure your brand stays front of mind.

Products and Experiences

Voice-guided experiences are the next frontier. Whether it’s creating immersive experiences within apps, or developing user-friendly interfaces, we ensure seamless integration of high-quality text-to-speech technology. Bring your product roadmaps to life, enhance the user experience through our industry-leading voice solutions.

Video Production

Increase engagement on your video content with our bespoke AI voices. From succinct marketing clips to extensive cinematic projects and everything in between, our AI voice generator is reshaping video production. With a variety of voices adaptable to any theme or mood, ensure your content is deeply engaging.


High-quality voice solutions without the complexity of CMS and DSP integrations. Our AI-driven voice technology effortlessly turns your editorials and blogs into accessible and engaging audio content. Amplify your ad inventory by increasing air time and monetization opportunities. Turn blogs and editorials into audio.


Unlock the full potential of your narratives with WellSaid’s AI voice technology—specially catered to meet the demands of audiobook creators. We transform your written words into vivid audio experiences, maintaining the core spirit of each story while keeping listeners hooked and ever-eager for the next chapter.

Your voice infrastructure

Make your content and digital experiences more engaging with Voice Avatars.
  • Build your own voice avatars for branded content
  • Add voice to apps and products
  • Integrate with your internal production tools

Built for enterprises

Companies large and small rely on WellSaid to help them create mission critical content.
  • Bring global departments together
  • Scale up voice production and projects of any size
  • Meet your security and compliance requirements

Our promise

AI for good. Technology should be empowering, engaging, and fair to all people. Through consent and transparency in data usage, we build secure systems that protect user privacy. We strive to hold ourselves accountable for the algorithms we deploy, and we uphold the principles of the Hippocratic Oath.

More about AI voice technology

An AI voice generator is one of the most exciting technology developments in recent years. Initially developed as an aid for the visually impaired, it has evolved to become a central part of the services provided by companies like Google and Amazon.


And when you consider how a realistic and natural voice generation by AI can enhance the customer experience, it’s easy to see why the possibilities of AI voice generators are getting brands all over the world excited about the possibilities. With the flexible and intuitive features offered by AI text to speech solutions, companies can enhance their customer experience, create engaging voice overs online, and boost customer engagement in the process.


As the name implies, the primary principle of the technology is to generate voice from text using machine learning and AI technology. Instead of recording a voiceover from text manually, you can instantly generate AI voice outputs that you can use in your productions, marketing, customer support, or anywhere else.


With the way AI text to voice technology is moving forward, it can even be hard to predict what new applications might become available as more companies recognize and implement them into their processes. The potential implications could stretch well beyond merely generating voice from text and could even act as a critical tool in AI to human communication.


Even today, virtual assistants can understand the complex patterns of speech of humans, analyze that information, and provide a meaningful and contextual answer based on what they hear. In essence, that’s already real-time communication between computers and humans, and the potential of voice generation technology will only make the possibilities more advanced.

AI voice technology has been around for a long time. In fact, the first English AI voice maker technology was developed in 1968 when a Japanese Electrotechnical Laboratory developed an articulatory model that, while primitive, was intelligible. Since then, the technology has progressed through the decades, with more commercial speech synthesis products being developed in the late 80s.


When it comes to AI voice generation, the biggest leaps happened as part of technology that was able to recognize speech patterns, interpret them, and produce an intelligible answer that was relevant and made sense.


The main difference between AI voice generation and regular text-to-speech is the ability to come up with creative answers on its own from the input it receives. Instead of using a rigid text-to-speech system, AI can take them to the next level, using advanced speech patterns, intonation, and tone of voice to deliver a more authentic and consistent experience to the listener. This is how our studio generates amazing voice overs.


Today’s AI technology uses building blocks called phonemes, which are distinct sounds that can be put together to form words and sentences. Since human language is very complex and relies on intonation, accentuation, and pronunciation when creating meaningful conversations, AI voice generation uses machine learning technology to continually learn and adapt according to new data it receives.

As the database of real voice actors expands, the combination possibilities become virtually endless. And the result is the possibility of creating new and unique AI speech that is distinct and unique to your brand and the messages you want to create.

AI voice generators are used by tech giants, corporate training departments, commercial ad agencies, non-profits, startups, narrators for documentaries, and online publishers in order to elevate their brand with a consistent and compelling voice.


Because the quality of AI voice generators has achieved human parity, organizations are now looking to AI voice makers in order to save time and money by cutting down the process of creating voice over MP3s to download and use internally in digital media and videos.

WellSaid Labs offers a variety of male and female ai voices. Our AI voice generation technology has different delivery styles in order to match the style, speed, and emphasis your project needs. In WellSaid Labs Studio you can choose between a narration delivery, conversational voice, or promotional tone for commercial advertising voice overs.

WellSaid Labs can clone a voice and create a custom text-to-speech voice avatar for your brand. Instead of using our software to clone your voice recording, we go a step further and are able to build an AI text-to-speech solution that can be used throughout your organization.

Yes, WellSaid Labs studio is considered an AI voice generator. In some cases, people may also refer to a voice generator as a way to change your voice into another voice. For example, you’ll record your voice reading a script and use that recording to generate a voice over MP3 that sounds like someone else. Our Studio is more efficient than this approach because we focus on going from text to speech, which is a more reliable, flexible, and efficient way to scale up AI voice in digital content.