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AI Male Voice Over

Create a compelling male voice over by going from text to speech. Choose a voice for our brand below. 

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Male Text to Speech AI Voices

Tristan F.

“Are you ready to get revved up? Ford of Seattle has all the hottest SUVs...”

Wade C.

“Welcome to New Patient Protocols for the ICU. This course...”

Patrick K.

“The Aircraft Situation Display provides information...”

Kai M.

“The human voice is generated when the lungs, the vocal folds...”

How we create our voices

Take a behind the scenes look at how WellSaid Labs creates an AI voice. 

Los Angeles DJ to AI Voice

From L.A. DJ to an AI generated voice over. How this DJ cloned his voice.

Commercial Voice Over

This video is an example of a real estate walk through video using our AI voices


Just as you might give notes to an actual voice production artist or employee, you can annotate your scripts easily with WellSaid Labs wherever you want your avatar to add emphasis. 

For example, ellipses or commas indicate pauses, whereas quotes or capitalizations indicate emphasis. And our new Respelling Guide makes speaking acronyms, numerals, dates or complex terminology at snap.

One of the major benefits of text-to-speech is that, instead of getting a recording playback from a voiceover artist or employee, realizing it sounds flat, and having to re-record, text-to-speech gives you the autonomy to edit whenever and wherever works for you. You don’t have to coordinate with an agency or employee’s calendar, set up a sound room, or ensure all of the details are perfectly in place. You can simply open your computer and make magic.

WellSaid Labs has already done the extensive legwork to create more than 55 voice avatars running from Australia, Mountain West, and British English.  Only if you desire to build a custom voice would you have the ability to develop any new “takes” from any of our male voice actors. Our new AI Voice model is used by thousands of organizations that 100% rely on the power of our AI voice generator to create the highest quality voice over without asking for help from a voice actor. Each of the voice actors featured in the WellSaid Studio are paid a royalty for their AI voice and can retire their voices whenever they choose.

There are a lot of legacy text to speech tools that will create stiff robotic voices from text for free. After a free trial, pricing at Well Said Labs starts at $49 per month.  If you provide the voice talent, which sounds like you do, all we would need is 2-4 hours of reading audio. With that audio, we train our A.I. and synthesize the result to create a final custom voice for your use.  Contact WellSaid Labs to hear first hand the cost to create and hosting fees of custom voices.

With WellSaid Labs you can download a MP3 or WAV file in our studio. Simply sign up for a free trial, copy and paste your text, choose a voice and render the clip. Multiple clips can be combined in order to create a longer voice narration in our studio.

Converting your voice to a male voice can be done with a voice changer, or voice generator.  At WellSaid Labs, our technology is text to speech which allows you to render any script into one of our 55 different voices. This is a more scalable approach to creating voice overs.

WellSaid Labs offers 55 different voices and a growing number every month. Our male voice overs cover regional accents across the US, UK, Mexico City and Australia. You can create a custom voice for your brand with WellSaid Labs.

Our text to speech studio allows you to copy text and render it to a female audio clip for review in one click with negligible rendering time.

Nonprofits and NGOs are starting to reexamine text to speech again because of the increase in the quality of narration that an AI text to speech offers. Advancements in machine learning including using real human voices to model an AI voice are making it hard for the average person to tell the difference between AI text to speech and a natural human voice.

Therefore many nonprofits are beginning to utilize AI text to speech for training materials, or moving text versions of an article to voice for on the go listening. Another common use of text to speech is in advertisements. A narration or conversational style of voice avatar works well with nonprofit audiences.

Being able to create an ad with many different iterations quickly helps nonprofits save time and money while also making the ad personalized and more relevant by geography.

Yes, there are many different female voice over avatars as part of over 50 WellSaid Labs avatars.

Yes, many of our avatars allow you to render their voices in three different styles, conversational, narration and promotional. By selecting avatars that have a narration delivery you can easily preview several voices at once. Narration styles are also popular for eLearning

We can also create a custom voice for a narration by cloning a voice actors voice, or scale up audio narrations through our text to speech API

Our text to voice studio offers voices in promotional styles that area ideal for commercial advertising or radio ads. Using a voice maker for ads can help cut down on the time it takes to create different versions using different ad scripts and value propositions. 

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Published – September 7th, 2022