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Make a compelling human like AI voice over from text using WellSaid Labs Studio. 

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Voice Over Avatars

Ava M.

“Helping a client through their accident claim can be a difficult...”

Tristan F.

“Are you ready to get revved up? Ford of Seattle has all the hottest SUVs...”

Nicole L.

“When you first open a Client Interaction, you will be on the...”

Wade C.

“Welcome to New Patient Protocols for the ICU. This course...”

Patrick K.

“The Aircraft Situation Display provides information...”

Ramona J.

“Welcome home! From a breezy open entry to high ceilings...”

Kai M.

“The human voice is generated when the lungs, the vocal folds...”

Paige L.

“Classical thermodynamics deals with states of dynamic...”

How we create our voices

Take a behind the scenes look at how WellSaid Labs creates an AI voice. 

Los Angeles DJ to AI Voice

From L.A. DJ to an AI generated voice over. How this DJ cloned his voice.

Commercial Voice Over

This video is an example of a real estate walk through video using our AI voices

Voice Over Maker FAQ

Text to speech technology is a speech synthesis application that quickly processes text and reads it out loud like a human. Quite simply, voiceover makers turn text to speech into AI voices. At WellSaid Labs, we offer more than 55 AI voice avatars made with the help of professional voice actors.  Companies of all sizes in varying industries choose to use WellSaid Labs AI voices for podcasts, videos, and all your professional presentations.

WellSaid Labs’ easy to use AI voice maker tool allows purpose-specific options for advertisement and dialogue audio, brand voices for assistants and corporate training materials.  Fast and simple to use, you can choose from 55 voice avatars that include regional accents from the WellSaid Labs Studio to generate any voiceover you want in minutes.

Turning text to speech into voice is incredibly easy.  Lifelike Text to Speech like WellSaid Labs helps you create audio and video content using AI voices in less than a minute. Generate realistic voiceovers for Youtube, Educational, Marketing, Training Videos and more using our collection of over 55 + AI voices to turn your content into engaging, memorable content.

It’s easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes to start using a Voice Maker Software.  Voice maker software is a type of assistive technology that reads out digital text. It is also called text to speech or “read aloud” technology. It translates words on a digital gadget, such as a computer or smartphone, into voice or sound with a tap or a click.  With WellSaid Labs teams and individual contributors

With a voice maker, you can convert text into natural audio that sounds like a person's voice. More and more people are looking for realistic text to speech (TTS) audio, as many AI voice makers are available online. Text to speech voice cloning software allows you to reuse and edit your voice over and over again by converting text to voice through a software application. This is a much more scalable approach to voice cloning.

You don’t need to be a tech expert to use a text to speech AI voice software like WellSaid Labs.  It’s easy to use and saves content creators time and money because it reduces the number and duration of edits you may need to make to a voice over or changing existing voiceovers.  It also eliminates the headaches involved with booking studio time with real voice actors to return and make future edits.

WellSaid Labs’ rearchitected text-to-speech (TTS), resolves the toughest content development challenges and delivers an easy way for content creators to develop all their desired content in one consistent voice that represents their brand.   And with our new AI Voice Model, anyone can express context even easier for narration and conversational styles that captivates. Realistic AI voice overs are ideal for corporate training and eLearning materials. High quality, realistic narrator voice maker. WellSaid Labs’ text to speech AI Voice Maker delivers high quality voice in minutes. Collaborate with your team and create amazing tts voices using pitch, speed, emphasis.

Today WellSaid Labs’ Voice Avatar library provides access to more than 55 AI voice avatars developed with professional voice actors that companies can use for their productions. Many WellSaid Labs customers also choose to create their own AI Voice Avatars to spec — capturing the likeliness, style, and uniqueness of the voice needed to tell their stories in exactly the right way. Whether you are focused on recruitment, onboarding or retention, choosing the right voice matters to engage your employees.

AI voice, text to speech or AI Voice Makers are optimal for YouTube videos and Screencast creators, to create Videos with a natural sounding voice (text to speech).

A natural synthetic voice reads out your text, so you can be sure your audio description is nicely worded and nails the timing. If you are ready you can automatically translate your video voice over in many languages.

It's common for groups of teams working in advertising agencies, eLearning, or corporate learning and development teams to all need to access and use one branded voice for all the company audio materials. WellSaid Labs supports team collaboration by allowing you to invite team members to work on projects simultaneously.

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Published – September 27th, 2022