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Scale up your brand’s audio content by creating an AI voice clone using WellSaid Labs Studio. 

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Voice Cloning Examples

Ava M.

“Helping a client through their accident claim can be a difficult...”

Tristan F.

“Are you ready to get revved up? Ford of Seattle has all the hottest SUVs...”

Nicole L.

“When you first open a Client Interaction, you will be on the...”

Wade C.

“Welcome to New Patient Protocols for the ICU. This course...”

Patrick K.

“The Aircraft Situation Display provides information...”

Ramona J.

“Welcome home! From a breezy open entry to high ceilings...”

Kai M.

“The human voice is generated when the lungs, the vocal folds...”

Paige L.

“Classical thermodynamics deals with states of dynamic...”

How we create our voices

Take a behind the scenes look at how WellSaid Labs creates an AI voice. 

Los Angeles DJ to AI Voice

From L.A. DJ to an AI generated voice over. How this DJ cloned his voice.

Commercial Voice Over

This video is an example of a real estate walk through video using our AI voices

Voice Cloning Software FAQ

There are two approaches to cloning a voice, some people may think that cloning a voice means synthesizing your voice in real time through a voice changer, or voice generator. Text to speech voice cloning software allows you to come back and use your voice over and over again by converting text to voice through a software application. This is a much more scalable approach to voice cloning. 

AI voice clones are used in eLearning,  audiobooks, corporate training, advertising and many different apps. Voice actors clone their voice in order to scale up their talents and reduce the amount of time they spend in studio recording a unique voice over. With a cloned text to speech voice rather than having to record a new narration for each project a voice actor can rely on an ai voice to deliver work faster and serve more clients at once.

A deepfake often refers to an unethical or entertaining use of a cloned voice, if the voice clone is used for deceptive purposes than that is a use outside of the boundaries of AI ethics.

Yes, we work with you in the recording process to make sure that we have properly recorded a variety conversational tones. Then our voice models go to work replicating the natural emphasis and inflection of your voice. Once the voice is cloned you can go back and use our text to speech studio to add pauses, speed up your delivery and add emotion to emphasize specific sections of an AI narration.

The process to clone your voice with WellSaid Labs can be pretty simple in some cases you’ll end up sending our team existing audio voiceover recordings, other times we’ll work with a few hours of conversation in a study to build the initial data set we need to train up our AI models.

Creating a text to speech AI voice clone saves time and money because it cuts down on the number of edits you may need to make to a voice over and eliminates the headaches involved with making quick changes months after a voice over is complete. Once an AI voice clone is created this nearly cuts out the need to create a unique recording in a studio setting. Creating a professional voice over has a lot of challenges, for starters many people don’t like their voice, don’t have access to the audio mixing software, don't have access to a studio or the microphones that are necessary to create the highest quality voice over. 

Free voice cloning software tends to be available for entertainment uses like a voice generator, or voice changer but to achieve a high quality voice clone most people will work with an AI company to record the voice and then use a text to speech studio application like WellSaid Labs. 

Once our software has cloned your voice it will be available in your WellSaid Labs studio for use. From there you can begin rendering text to speech and download clips in MP3 format of your cloned voice over.

Its common for groups of teams working in advertising agencies, eLearning or corporate learning and development teams to all need to access and use one branded voice for all the company audio materials. WellSaid Labs supports team collaboration by allowing you to invite team members to work on projects simultaneously.

Text to speech voice cloning programs allow you to create natural pauses, naturally emphasize words and can be trained to master how to pronounce new words.

In today’s text-to-speech editors, you can further simulate these pauses by adding in commas, dashes, periods, and ellipses, cueing the text-to-speech to take breaks, just as a human would. These punctuation marks function more as sheet music to the TTS than grammar—instructing the text-to-speech to pause, hold, and create natural silences just like humans do.

When you speak, you naturally emphasize certain words through intonations. Today’s text-to-speech does, too. Because the AI learned from humans using intonations, the AI incorporated it into their way of speaking. It’s kind of like children learning how to speak from the adults around them—only, in this case the child is a very sophisticated data tool that can analyze loads of speech, languages, and voices at once.

If there is anywhere you want to call out specific words that may be unclear to text-to-speech, you can simply note this in the editor. For example, you can put words in quotation marks, capitalize entire words, or capitalize parts of words if you want them emphasized. Today’s text-to-speech reads these punctuation marks just as a voice actor would, understanding where to adjust intonation.

In the chance that any words or acronyms could be less clear, you can easily add phonetic spelling to the editor to ensure the text-to-speech picks up on the nuance. This is just like how you might help a voice actor. For example, instead of typing ‘COO’, you might spell out ‘C-O-O’ so the reader knows to pronounce the acronym versus blending the letters together.

Realistic human sounding text to speech is a game changer thanks to AI machine learning. Now in 2023 AI voice generators are used by giant publishers all the way to small business social media campaigns, for example, advertisers are using AI text to voice converters for commercials.

Our Text to Voice Studio gives you the power to find a clear and compelling female voiceover or an upbeat promotional male voiceover for your next project.

We also provide the text to speech API that can bake our voices into your customer experience or products. In addition we can clone a voice for your brand using machine learning to model the voice of a real life voice actor.

WellSaid labs is designed to work great between multiple departments so that organizations can all use the same Studio voice maker.

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Published – September 7th, 2022