Recast’s Journey to Podcast-Type Audio with WellSaid Labs

recast's journey with WellSaid, audio transformation

Audio by Zoey O. using WellSaid Labs

In today’s digital age, the sheer volume of written content is both a blessing and a curse. How many of us have a tab overload or a reading list that seems endless? Enter Recast: an innovative solution aimed not just at converting text to audio, but revolutionizing it into engaging podcast-like experiences. 

The uniqueness? Conversational virtual hosts, ensuring an enjoyable and absorbable experience.

Let’s jump into their story, and feel free to check out the full length write up below. 

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The Mind Behind the Mission: CEO Adam Altman

With a decade-long background in podcasting tech, Adam Altman recognized the growing challenge of information overload. He envisioned a platform that would shift from mere audio reading to a more engaging, dialogue-based experience. But with ambition, came challenges.

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The voice quandary in seeking authenticity

The heart of Recast’s vision was to provide authentic, engaging voices, echoing the feel of a friendly conversation. Their initial attempts with various Text-to-Speech (TTS) providers resulted in robotic outputs, failing to capture the essence of a genuine chat.

Adam emphasizes, “A truly conversational tone is like a friend sitting next to you,” highlighting the essence of what Recast was striving for.

The quest for reliability 

Consistency and reliability were non-negotiables. Recast’s journey saw several bumps, from unresponsive APIs to unpredictable voice outputs. They needed a partner that could assure not just quality, but also seamless, uninterrupted service.

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WellSaid Labs: The turning point

In their exploration, Recast stumbled upon WellSaid Labs. Their impressive voice quality, paired with unmatched speed and service consistency, set them apart. Adam recalls, “WellSaid Labs was a breath of fresh air. We found both quality and reliability, which was rare.”

Special mention went to WellSaid Labs’ female voices, standing out in an industry dominated by male-centric outputs. 🙌

Enhancing Recast’s vision with WellSaid Labs

The partnership with WellSaid Labs wasn’t just about superior voice quality. It drastically simplified Recast’s workflow. The reliability of WellSaid Labs’ API, quick turnaround times, and overall consistent performance meant Recast could focus more on refining their product rather than troubleshooting.

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A partnership of growth and success

Reflecting on the journey, Adam highlights the unparalleled customer experience offered by WellSaid Labs. He quotes, “Their voices are not just voices, they’re the soul of our product.”

The collaboration has redefined how written content is consumed, propelling written text into interactive audio summaries, thereby capturing and engaging listeners in an entirely new format.

Experience Recast’s magic 

Why not hear it for yourself? Recast offers a free-to-use platform, with an optional pro plan, enabling you to transform your reading list into an enriching audio experience. 

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