The Marketer’s Blueprint to Sculpting an Audible Brand Persona

The Marketer’s Blueprint to Sculpting an Audible Brand Persona

Audio by Lorenzo D. using WellSaid Labs

Imagine your favorite brand taking on a palpable, vibrant life of its own—whispering into your ears, not just with words, but with a voice that resonates, mirroring your own values and zest. Today’s brands have zipped well-beyond simple logos or taglines. Rather, they’ve evolved into living, breathing entities that people wholeheartedly embrace as reflections of their personalities and ethos.

With our digital realm burgeoning like never before, marketers face down a myriad of channels, each providing a unique touchpoint to engage and woo consumers. The expansive digital terrain makes it undeniably crucial to cement a brand identity that is not only visually compelling, but also audibly striking and textually evocative. In an era where consumers are likely to interact with brands through various mediums, a cohesive and appealing brand persona that gently caresses all senses—visual, textual, and auditory—is truly a necessity. 

Navigating through the complexities of brand personas, we’ll explore the intricate art and science of shaping your very own brand identity. And we’ll especially highlight the underplayed, yet profoundly impactful realm of audio branding. 

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We’ll be unraveling actionable insights and illustrative examples, honing in on why the literal voice of your brand is a monumental decision that marketers need to strategize with finesse and foresight. Ready to lend your brand a soul that reverberates with your audience? Let’s discover how your brand can sing a tune that lingers eternally in the minds of your audience.

The melodious world of sonic branding (with examples!)

Think of sonic branding, or audio branding if you will, as the auditory heartbeat of your brand. It’s what people hear, recognize, and associate with your brand almost instantaneously. Consider the tingle in your brain when you hear McDonald’s chime in with “I’m Lovin’ It”, or the familiar warmth that envelops you with the startup sound of an Apple computer. 

These are audio logos, a powerful component of sonic branding, intricately woven to resound your brand’s identity through every possible audio medium.

Yet, sonic branding extends its arms far beyond a jingle. It also embraces a spectrum of audio avenues including public spaces, retail environments, TV ads, podcast sponsorships, social media content, and in-app advertising on platforms like Spotify, to list a few. The key lies in carving out a distinctive audio identity that encapsulates the emotions, messages, and values your brand wishes to echo in the minds and hearts of your consumers.

In a quest to explore the prowess of sonic identities, we ventured into a sonic experiment with WellSaid Studio—defining voices for various brands, resonating their personas through auditory experiences. 

🍫 M&Ms

Description: The classic, colorful, melt-in-your-mouth candy that’s been a global snack favorite.

Tagline: Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

Attributes: Youthful, friendly, lively

Voice Avatar: Wade C., promo style

🧼 Old Spice 

Description: Nostalgic, masculine, and bold, this brand has scented generations with confidence.

Tagline: The original. If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist.

Attributes: Deep, deadpan, strong

Voice Avatar: Joe F., promo style

🏠 Compass

Description: A modern real estate company that seamlessly navigates clients to their dream homes.

Tagline: Let us guide you home.

Attributes: Modern, upscale, ambitious, yet mature, strong, professorial

Voice Avatar: Fiona H., conversational

🗞 New York Times

Description: The authoritative and trusted source for news that has informed readers since 1851.

Tagline: All the news that’s fit to print.

Attributes: Authoritative, confident, informative

Voice Avatar: Paula R., narration

💄 Maybelline

Description: A beauty brand that celebrates personal allure, empowering through makeup.

Tagline: Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Attributes: Empathetic, friendly, warm

Voice Avatar: Jordan T., promotional

In essence, whether it’s the sweet, light-hearted melodies resonating with M&Ms or the deep, empowering auditory notes of Old Spice, each sonic brand identity navigates through the auditory pathways. The end product? A memorable brand presence in the consumer’s mind.

Factors that shape a brand’s persona 

Ah, the dazzling array of brand personas that adorn our marketplaces! Ever noticed how no two brands, even within the same sector, twirl to the same rhythm? That’s by design, not destiny. After all, each audience member hums to a different tune, sporting varied needs and preferences. In this variety lies the beauty and challenge for marketers: creating a brand personality that speaks to their audiences on a deeper level. 

Now pause for a moment and think of your favorite brands as people you know. Are they sprightly, mature, earnest, friendly, or perhaps, elegant? These adjectives, usually reserved for living beings, find a comfortable space in our descriptions of businesses, wrapping them in a persona that’s discernible and relatable through a well-chiseled brand voice and visual identity. It’s this combination of human traits that embroiders a deeper, more meaningful connection and experience for customers, enabling the brand to be not just seen or heard, but felt.

Dabbling in the specifics, these humanistic attributes tied to a brand personality can either reverberate with a broad consumer base or harmonize with select demographics, artfully positioning your business in a space distinct from its rivals. 

Think of it this way, one car brand might serenade tales of thrill, ruggedness, or opulence. Meanwhile, another shares stories of reliability, affordability, or sincerity. Therein lies the strategic alignment to foster resonance with intended buyers.

Sure, crafting a brand personality facilitates recognition. But it also does more than that. It’s a handshake, an introduction, and eventually, a relationship builder between consumers and the brand. 

Here are the biggest reasons why carving out your brand’s personality should be paramount for marketers:

Narrating your unique story: An emotionally imbued brand story is sticky. A pulsating 55% of consumers are more likely to recall a narrative over a catalog of facts.

Amplifying brand resonance: Through gifts from beloved brands, which 44% of US consumers tend to bestow especially during festive seasons, a cyclical word-of-mouth feedback loop serenades brand awareness through every shared story and unwrapped gift.

Beating against the monotonous drum: In a world where 88% of consumers place authenticity on a pedestal when pledging allegiance to brands, carving out a genuine brand personality becomes your ticket to standing out in a sea of competition.

Weaving emotional threads: With 89% of shoppers loyally bound to brands that echo their values, a well-crafted brand personality envelops consumers in a familiar, emotional embrace.

Navigating the nuances of brand personas and sonic identities

In the sprawling realm of marketing, there’s a plethora of frameworks awaiting exploration. Each is designed to assist you in crafting a compelling brand persona. The key, however, doesn’t lie in the specific framework you select, but in how adeptly you distill your brand’s external identity through whichever lens you choose. We’ll guide you through the broad steps. 

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1. Setting the stage with personality traits

Your brand’s persona commences by zeroing in on those quintessential 5 personality traits that encapsulate its essence. Whether your brand emanates a friendly vibe, exudes knowledgeable charm, or pulsates with innovative spirit, it’s pivotal to encapsulate its core.

Drawing inspiration from Jennifer Aaker’s acclaimed “Big Five” framework—which articulates Excitement, Sincerity, Sophistication, Competence, and Ruggedness as crucial dimensions—it’s imperative to identify the natural drivers of your brand’s character. From the zesty and imaginative melodies of exciting brands to the robust, outdoor-centered beats of rugged ones, these traits become the leitmotif of your brand narrative.

2. Defining your brand’s role in the customer’s journey

Next, turn your gaze toward your customer, entwining your understanding of their roles and desires with your brand’s narrative. Ask yourself: where does your brand dovetail into their journey? Perhaps your brand emerges as a leader, a nurturer, a curator of resources, or an adventurer, each role painting a distinct sonic and visual picture.

3. Sketching the details of your brand persona

Embark on the meticulous task of profiling your brand persona, moving from abstract traits to tangible characteristics:

  • Name: Bestow upon your brand a human name that epitomizes its spirit.
  • Face: Augment the persona with a fitting image, a face that becomes synonymous with your brand.
  • Age: Align the persona’s age with your target demographic, anchoring it in relatability.
  • Interests & bio: Envision interests, likes, and dislikes, crafting a bio that unifies these elements into a coherent, engaging narrative.

4. Ensuring thematic consistency across platforms

With a finely-etched persona, permeate its essence across every customer touchpoint—be it your website, social platforms, or app.

The visual elements, from color schemes echoing your persona’s vibe (energetic reds, trustworthy blues, or sophisticated purples) to imagery and themes, should all align with your brand’s chosen traits. The language, whether formal and authoritative or light and conversational, should play in harmony with your overarching theme.

5. Striking a chord with your audience through brand persona

Your well-crafted brand persona now becomes a conduit through which every communication, marketing initiative, and customer interaction flows. All-in-all, this should help ensure that your message lingers, resonates, and connects with your audience in a profoundly authentic manner.

Striking the right note for your brand, every time 

Solidifying a brand identity goes beyond aesthetics, penetrating deep into the realm of auditory experiences that resonate with your very essence. And, without a shred of doubt, understanding your audience strikes as the cardinal key in this composition, paving the way towards developing traits that will echo profoundly with their expectations and emotions.

In truth, sonic identity stems from the boundless channels and avant-garde technologies available today. It propels brands to explore depths previously unimaginable. A spectrum from public spaces, digital platforms, to personal assistants and beyond, offers an infinite canvas to paint your auditory brand persona upon. Technologies, much like what we pioneer at WellSaid Labs, have flung the gates wide open, enabling brands to not just speak but converse in a tone that is unforgettably theirs, through a medium that is intensely personal and impactfully resonant.

In an era where branding transcends visual stimuli, entering the auditory and experiential domains, we find ourselves pondering: What does our brand sound like in the minds of our audience? It’s a thought that beckons an exploration into not just how we appear, but how we resonate in the omnipresent auditory spaces of our consumer’s world.


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