WellSaid Labs Affiliate Program

Announcement: Our affiliate program is open for business!

In a world that’s spinning faster every day, and our lives becoming more digitally inclined, one practice emerges triumphant–passive income streams. These aren’t the babbling brooks of yore, but rather, mighty rivers that can supplement our earnings and keep us afloat. 

Now, what if we told you that these currents of cash could surge from something as simple as an affiliate program? Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, let’s dive right into the heart of WellSaid Labs’ recently launched affiliate program, Friends of WellSaid Labs. 

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What Dyson and WellSaid Labs Have in Common

We all know products that won out due to high quality. Perhaps Apple, Rolex, Bose, or Tesla come to mind. But do you know Dyson’s neat origin story? 

It starts back in 1987–the same year that Dirty Dancing hit the big screen. Sir James Dyson had purchased a vacuum cleaner from Walmart. Unfortunately, this vacuum blocked suction, and overall failed to perform. Being a skilled engineer, James took it apart, fixed the issue, returned it to the store, and vowed to build a better product for them. 

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11 new voice avatars now in WellSaid Studio

New Avatar Release with More Accents, Improved U.S. Representation

What does it take to create a high-quality, lifelike voice avatar not only accurately, but ethically? At WellSaid Labs, it takes a whole team.

From building relationships with the voice actors who help create our avatars to training their recording data with our proprietary voice model, to pushing the new avatars into Studio, the whole team gets excited about releasing new voices.

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Replay of The Voice of Generative AI: WellSaid API webinar

Webinar Replay: The Voice of Generative AI, WellSaid API

More and more, the tech community is talking about Generative AI. But what is the business case for it, specifically for Generative AI Voice? And what is the best way to scale this technology for all kinds of apps and products? We hosted a conversation with our Chief Revenue Officer and top API engineer to discuss the potential of WellSaid API.

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Knowing how to choose the best text-to-speech API requires knowledge of these factors.

How to Choose the Best Text-to-Speech API

If you’re looking for the best text-to-speech API available, you’ve probably heard some REALLY bad AI voices. In the past, synthetic voice technology delivered robotic, rigid, and sometimes comical sounding voices. Unfortunately, this limited the ability to use artificial voice that would be a net positive to the user experience.

As advancements usher in more AI-powered solutions, anticipate an auditory shift. Why? Because engaging through sound complements, and often even surpasses, visual-only interactions. The era of the AI voice represents much more than a playground of tech behemoths. From app developers to content creators, synthetic voice has become the key to enriching user engagement, bolstering retention, and crafting experiences that resonate.

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WellSaid Labs makes Sequoia list of AI Generative apps

WellSaid Included in Sequoia Capital Generative AI Market Map

A lot of tech analysts like to talk about “emerging AI.” However, when experts from Sequoia make a list, the industry pays attention. As a Silicon Valley capital firm behind such unicorns as DoorDash, Zoom, Snowflake, and Vanta, Sequoia knows what to look for in tech trends.

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Replay of WellSaid Customer Success webinar on Respelling

Customer Creative Session: Using Respelling in Studio

In August of this year, WellSaid updated the Studio Voice Model with the most lifelike version of our AI Voice Avatars yet. This update helped render your voiceover content with fewer adjustments. Now, the Voice Model can “read” your text in context and get more words right on the first try. We also added the Respelling tool.

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Product Update on the WellSaid Voice Model

Product Update: A New WellSaid Voice Model

Listen as Tilda reads the intro to this product update.

Most AI voice providers use a similar strategy for creating a voice avatar from voice actor recordings. At WellSaid, we have updated our Voice Model to use an entirely different type of machine learning. That means that our newest Voice Model powers the most lifelike, natural sounding voice avatars available.

Read on to learn how this experience changes voiceover production for our Studio customers.

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Meet the new text to speech voice avatars at WellSaid!

New Avatar Voices, Now at WSL!

We are so excited to introduce you to our seven new friends. Technically, they are avatar voices, but we know you’ll like them. While we often add new voice options to the WSL Studio, we are extra excited about this group. Let’s meet the new options for your next voice over project and learn a bit about the process.

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