New Voice Avatar Release: Meet 13 New WellSaid Voices

WellSaid Labs released new ai voice avatars in a variety of accents
Hear Wade C. introduce a few of the new voice avatars.

Providing high quality voice avatars in a variety of accents is an ongoing pursuit at WellSaid Labs. Because we take pride in providing only the most realistic AI voice avatars on the market, each new voice avatar release is a big event. 

Months of planning go into finding voice actors interested in AI voice work, recording source material, training our model to create the new voice, and all the quality control we do before release. 

New voice options are chosen based on feedback from our customers, with a goal of constantly expanding the variety we provide. To that end, this release includes some exciting new options. Let’s meet the new voice avatars!

*As of this release, the new voices are available in our Creative, Producer, Teams, and API accounts.

More British and Australian Voice Avatars

In our last release, we added our first male Australian and British voices. We quickly hear feedback from our customers that they would love to have more options, especially female voices in these accents. Here are some options you will love to try out.

Fiona H: British Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Fiona H. introduce herself.

Fiona is a soft, yet professional voice, perfect for telling a story or providing a voiceover of longer form voice content. Her avatar has a warm quality that invites listeners to trust her message.

Kari N: British Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Kari N. introduce herself.

This voice avatar is crisp and lively, with tons of charisma. Karrie’s narration style keeps the listener’s attention with an energetic delivery.

Roxy T: British Accent in Narration Style

When you use Roxy for voice content, your message comes across with the earnest and candid qualities of her voice. She is a great option for conveying important information to all audiences.

Listen to Roxy T. introduce herself.

Zoey O: Australian Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Zoey O. introduce herself.

Our first Australian female voice avatar, Zoey is a versatile option who sounds warm and trustworthy, but also very professional. These qualities make her a flexible option for many content needs.

Greg G: Australian Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Greg G. introduce himself.

Greg has a trustworthy and steady tone. His narration style would work well for long-form information, but he isn’t too heavy sounding to use for shorter, catchier content, too.

Diarmid D: British (Scottish) Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Diarmid D. introduce himself.

As our first Scottish accent, Diarmid has a quality to his voice that is both warm and calming. His avatar is a versatile choice to use alone, or t0 combine with other British avatars.

Alan T: British Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Alan T. introduce himself.

This avatar is serious, reserved, and somewhat formal. However, Alan’s voice has a depth to it that makes it enjoyable to listen to for a short voiceover or for more in-depth content.

New North American Accents

In addition to adding more UK and Australian accents, we are also working to constantly diversify our offering of North American accents. Check out the new accents, textures, ages, and voice profiles available now.

Donna W: American Southern (Virginia / North Carolina) Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Donna W. introduce herself.

As our first Southern accent, Donna provides a fresh option for American accents. Her avatar is warm and welcoming, yet also professional and clear.

Charlie Z: Canadian Accent in Promo Style

Listen to Charlie Z. introduce herself.

Try out Charlie’s avatar when you want something a little different. Her edgy, textured voice would be a compelling choice for quicker paced and engaging conversations.

Jordan T: U.S. Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Jordan T. introduce herself.

Jordan has a uniquely flexible voice profile. Her delivery is crisp and clear, but her voice also has an approachable quality that would work well for more casual content, as needed.

Marcus G: U.S. Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Marcus G. introduce himself.

This voice avatar is grounded and trustworthy sounding, with a deep tone that is perfect for conveying important information. Marcus would be a great choice for eLearning or a marketing voiceover of a trusted brand.

Terra G: U.S. Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Terra G. introduce herself.

Terra’s voice is an engaging blend of energy and friendliness. While technically a narration style, her avatar would also work well for short-form copy that you want to catch attention and keep your listeners engaged.

This is so incredible!! I am actually in shock right now about how human she sounds and also excited for who might use her voice. You all should be so proud of what you company has accomplished and thank you for allowing me to be part of this incredible journey with you.

-Voice Actor that supplied Terra’s source recordings (name withheld to preserve her anonymity).

Phillip J: U.S. Accent in Narration Style

Listen to Phillip J. introduce himself.

If you need a straightforward, simple, informative voice, Phillip is a great choice. He is well suited for helpful explainer videos, how-to instructions, or other explanations that need a clear voice.

Listening to Our “Listeners”

With every voice avatar, our team works to make voices worth listening to. That means we take into account the feedback from customers, who are the ones listening to our voices and producing content for other listeners. 

We look forward to adding more accents, more languages, and more options for any voice content need with each new release. Keep creating!

Not a WellSaid Labs customer? Try our voices for yourself in a free trial of our text to voice over Studio.


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